Full computer scan.


I have a few issues with the full scan at the moment.

Question 1. I scan my computer when i go home, and in the morning it says scanning stopped, and from the scan report it looks like it has only scanned the system files, i know this is not true as i have watched it scan the system files and then go on the scan 120000 files before i have gone. The report also says scanning stopped. I was wondering if number one, is because it is stuck on a file or number 2, my computer has gone to sleep, so it stops the scanning eventually.


Question 2. My scans were sticking on java files and acrobat files, so i excluded them from the scan. I am currently running a scan and now its stuck again (or so i think) on a panasonic compressed file. I think this is our call tracking files and it looks like a large file which is 272,461 kb. Do you think the scan is stuck or would it take a long time to scan the file, and should i just wait. it has now been on this file for 45mins.


Sorry for the long post, but i want to get this right.


Thanks for loking


Ps i have f secure antivirus version 17.0


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user;


    Maybe you able try to create "fsdiag"-file and contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone):



    But as my own feedback: I experienced with both of this points;

    --> time to time "Full Scan" stopped (as canceled) randomly (?) and log-report with related view (as with your description);

    I not sure about any of potential points (except "overload" or/and large count of mistakes during scan-process); And mainly I did not re-check it properly (but tried to perform something and some of potential reasons dropped with some of situations);


    --> some files (including java applications files or large zipped/compressed files) take too much time;

    I able to think that this is not a "stuck", but required more time for scanning; I able to think that "count of time" based on system's configuration; And certain settings under F-Secure ("scan only known type of files" checked/unchecked;  "scan compressed files" checked/unchecked);

    I have experience about different situations (when file can be scanned thirty minutes or some hours); Also maybe scan-process able to skip file based on time-out (or something like this);


    I did not re-check recently, but maybe next results should be still valid (or can be around this):

    Four drives ( 334157 files; 75857 folders; )  264GB (Windows 10 64bit);


    -- FIRST full scan take Seven Hours with checked "scan compressed files" and unchecked "scan only known types";


    -- FIRST full scan take Six Hours and Thirty Minutes with checked both options;


    -- FIRST full scan take Fifty Two Minutes with unchecked both options;


    -- FIRST full scan take Twenty One Minutes with checked "scan only known types" and unchecked "scan compressed files"


    Where is most of hours/time only about some certain files (or java src-files) compare to situation (if I exclude/delete/remove them);



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    Not to dispute what has already been said, but just to add an opinion - in my view (which I believe is largely supported by F-Secure), there is no need to carry out regular full scans (certainly not daily), as F-Secure would detect and block malicious activity or a virus if it attempted to execute, and a virus is harmless until it activates or executes.  I have a huge amount of data on my PC, and were I to run a full scan, it would take literally hours, if not days, to complete.  I trust F-Secure to spot and block any malicious activity, and I have not run a full scan (nor had any viruses) for over 6 years.   :)

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