Log-on to see my VPN subscription - NO F-SECURE sales funnel horror!!! HATE IT! start to HATE YOU.

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I Just had a VPN thing. Now all you want to do is channel me into your F-SECURE virus etc sales funnel. 




Send me a link so I can just logon and see my VPN subscription. See my devices. I even have two sets of VPN from you. 2 sets of 7 I think. Except I can't tell because I can't log on to check.


Your marketing sucks and if you hired the guys from McAfee or from Kasper then there ya go. Welcome to the 'was good' and 'now rubbish' league.


A happy user!


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    Sorry for my reply. I'm also only F-Secure user (their home solutions);


    If your experience about F-Secure Freedome VPN (but not about F-Secure TOTAL: SAFE+Freedome) -> maybe you anyway able to re-check such topic:



    Because difference between situations will be like:

    -  "Freedome VPN" do not provide any portals (or so?!) to see additional information; Where situation with some limitations;

    But if we talk about F-Secure Total - where we able to see F-Secure SAFE information (but not about F-Secure Freedome) - this is, of course, strange situation.

    But noted topic with some of official 'current' design-words.


    I able to think about some suggestions:


    --> If you want just to see this information (how many devices marked "in use" and so) -- this is, of course, can be good ability and feature.

    Not sure -> why this is not added; Probably under "Feature Requests"-board was related concerns (and possible to vote it);


    --> If there is some concerns about "limits"; So mainly - Freedome will allow "reuse"-feature. If you reach the 'limits' -> you able to reuse license from device (which already do not required Freedome);

    Such article about this:



    --> If required to know certain information. Maybe it possible to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone):


    And ask them about it. Probably they certified for such actions.

    Do you talk about something like this? Or your situation/experience about something else?

    With any of meanings -> good if there will be official response/attention from F-Secure.


    Sorry for my reply!



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    Hi NickP,


    @Ukko has provided good information about how TOTAL licensing works (if you have TOTAL) and the reference for the Freedome license count post. It would be good to know which product you have purchased - is it TOTAL (which combines SAFE and Freedome) or just Freedome.


    Sorry to know about your trouble and how you feel about us. If you have any further questions about Freedome, please feel free to post here.

  • NickP
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    Only purchased Freedome. Without knowing how many licenses of the 7 are used I had to purchase another 7. Annoying. Not the only one complaining about this. It feels like a deliberate sales funnel to F-SECURE.


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    Hi NickP,


    Thanks for explaining more. Just to know, how many devices do you have Freedome installed?

    Did you have any issues in installing/activating your license in Freedome on a device which lead to your purchase?


    We have the license transfer functionality with Freedome which enables to transfer the license to a device when you have reached the maximum number of installations. Did you see this license transfer option when you tried to install on a device?



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