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What happens when Freedome asks for a license transfer

This article only applies to Freedome multi-device subscriptions purchased directly from F-Secure or F-Secure official resellers. Subscriptions bought through app stores such as Google Play or Apple App Store do not apply.

Every time you install Freedome, the app uses up one of your available licenses from your multi-device subscription. If you have used up all your available licences when trying to install Freedome on a device, the app detects that your subscription code has reached its maximum number of installations (used licenses), and Freedome prompts for a license transfer.

Note: Uninstalling Freedome does not release a license from the device. This means that uninstalling and reinstalling Freedome on the same device will result in another license being consumed.

You are allowed to transfer a license a maximum of 4 times during a 3-day period. If you transfer a license 4 times in a 3-day period, your license transfer will be unavailable for 3 days from the first transfer.

When transferring a license, you get two options; either the "Transfer" option or the "Cancel" option.

If you choose the Transfer option:
  • Your Freedome subscription resets itself, and all licenses are released from all of your Freedome installations.
  • The device you are installing Freedome on consumes the first license from your subscription.
  • All your other devices with Freedome installed automatically obtain the available remaining licenses when they connect to the Freedome servers.
  • If you have Freedome installed on more devices than your current subscription allows, the last ones to connect to the Freedome servers will not obtain a license and remain expired.
If you choose the Cancel option:
  • Freedome does not obtain a license from your subscription and remains expired on the device you are trying to install Freedome on.
  • Freedome continues to work on your other devices.

If you intend to use Freedome on more devices than your current subscription allows, you can purchase a new subscription here:

Pricing & Product Info

For product info and pricing please go to the F-Secure Freedome product page

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