F-secure vpn and playstore issues

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I'm currently living in Dubai and most VPNs are blocked here. I don't feel safe browsing the net without a VPN, especially when using public WiFi. The problem is; i can't download this app from google play store because it is hidden and doesn't appear when i search for it. It seems to be the only VPN that works in here and i would like to be up-to-date with the latest app updates, so could you offer a Link on your website for example to manually download the latest app updates? 



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    Kurookami Posts: 2 New Member

    @Laksh wrote:

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    Please refer to this article.

    Thanks for your reply. This VPN is definitely working better than others. But, i have to change the location and reconnect after about 30mins. Which is better than having no protection at all. 


    Thanks again, 

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