Freedome won't connect on iOS ofer wi-fi

I have a multi-platform subscription and I'm using Freedome on two phones and a computer. I have an Android phone that connects without any problems (both over 3G and wi-fi), the computer is a mac and also connects without problems (over wi-fi), but my iphone can only connect over 3G, but not when using wi-fi. When I try the Freedome ptoection on it just shows "checking…" for a long time and nothing changes.


Do you have any ideas how to get it to connect? It seems to me that my router/ISP can't be a problem, because other clients connect using the same wi-fi. Also, the client app / phone configuration shouldn't be a problem, because it works over 3G. But that leaves me with no ideas what could be wrong…

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  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,426
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    Hi ken_w,


    Based on your description, it might be the issue with the modem. Some modems prevents the IPSec connections required by the iOS version of Freedome. Could you check this and this article which might relate to your issue?


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