Freedome won't connect on iOS ofer wi-fi

ken_w Posts: 2 New Member

I have a multi-platform subscription and I'm using Freedome on two phones and a computer. I have an Android phone that connects without any problems (both over 3G and wi-fi), the computer is a mac and also connects without problems (over wi-fi), but my iphone can only connect over 3G, but not when using wi-fi. When I try the Freedome ptoection on it just shows "checking…" for a long time and nothing changes.


Do you have any ideas how to get it to connect? It seems to me that my router/ISP can't be a problem, because other clients connect using the same wi-fi. Also, the client app / phone configuration shouldn't be a problem, because it works over 3G. But that leaves me with no ideas what could be wrong…



  • ken_w
    ken_w Posts: 2 New Member

    Thanks, that solved the issue!

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