Hi, I've been using F-Secure for 5 years and had no problem until now. When I start a virus scan after 5 seconds it freezes. I have to restart my computer when this happens. When it freezes it's doing svchost.exe. What could be the problem?


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    I'm also only F-Secure user (their Home Solutions) - so it will be only some unofficial suggestions.

    And for normal certified response from F-Secure -> good to do steps like:


    --> Create fsdiag after "repeat"-steps for trouble:

    --> Then to contact direct F-Secure Support Channels (chat as example) and ask about abilities to transfer fsdiag or investigate your situation directly:

    My own feelings (or points which can be useful to re-check):


    --> Your experience about latest F-Secure SAFE (IS/AV)?

    Latest -> "17.0" and previous stable is "16.5" versions;


    --> With latest release: there comes some changes or re-design for many meanings around scanning;

    And also "Virus scan" start be with "memory scan" at first;


    --> Good to re-check about "how long it freezes" (?!) - probably this is not quite 'friendly'-step -- but what if there just long delay.. but not freeze;


    And I able to think about potential reasons as:

    - certain "svchost.exe" about some of processes (which hard to scan based on something); or even "about malicious activities";

    - 'trouble' or crash at scan certain "svchost.exe" and as result "Scan process - freeze";

    - something else (like if there is compatibility troubles or so);


    Maybe with any of meanings --> good to try "Full Scan" by F-Secure (there also "freeze" or not?!); And perform double-check scans by some of known security tools/scanners;



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