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I have been disappointed that the parental control for stopping my childs use of individual apps has disappeared in a recent upgrade. This was the most important parental control for us and is forcing us to look elsewhere for better parental control software - very disappointing F-Secure.


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    Hi ParentAndy,


    Did you see the option for Family Rules with SAFE after the upgrade? Family Rules, as mentioned in this article, is a centrally-managed parental control feature that lets you look after your family's well-being by setting screen time limits, blocking access to undesirable websites and locating lost, stolen or misplaced devices.


    You can find more information from the SAFE KB articles here.

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    Dear Laksh,

    Thanks for the reply. It is the family rules update I am referring to. I can set time limits and limit access to particular categories on the internet (as before but with a bit of additional detail) but, as far as I can see, the option to prevent access to the use of particular loaded apps on a phone or prevent new apps from being loaded and launched without permission being granted has gone.  

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    Thanks for reply - we have found that app blocking/permission for new apps on our kids phone has been one of the most effective parental controls so I am very keen to see this returned to f-secure SAFE asap.
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