Can I transfer a license from old computer to new one? and install in finland and china?

Jemipi Posts: 3 New Member

If I now install a Freedome, and then in a few months buy a new computer, can I change  lisence to that new one?

And how I do that ?


I need to buy a license to 3 computers, one is in China now, and I'm in Finlad with 2 ones, can I do so?
I just send the code to my husband to China?


Thank u for ur help.


  • Jemipi
    Jemipi Posts: 3 New Member

    Thank u for the information.


    I have been twice in China this year and both times Freedome worked well. Sometimes just it takes time to conncet but allways did this. My husband just have five days free, and it worked ok. 



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