Crazy battery drain

Hey there,


Freedome is using a crazy amount of battery... On WiFi constantly throughout the day so not a mobile network issue.


Any way I can send logs to see why there's crazy battery drain?


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    Hi m1tch3m,


    The battery meter attributes all the network related battery use to our application, as the application takes over all the network traffic on the device.


    Please check if there is any particular application that makes frequent network connection as Freedome needs to turn on the VPN connection for them. This might result in keeping the connection alive all the time if those connections are frequent.


    What is the OS of the device?

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    Thanks for your reply and info.


    I'm using Nougat non rooted or anyhting (which I clean installed after upgrading from Marshmallow and didn't restore a backup).


    Using my phone in the exact same way, never had an issue with Marshmallow, only since I upgraded to Nougat.


    Left Freedome on from about 10am to 6pm (knowing there was a battery drain issue, but to get an idea of how much it was using) and it had used nearly 40% in the battery stats... Every time I went back in to check battery it had gone up a few more percent.


    No other apps in the battery list using a lot of battery in the background...

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    Hi m1tch3m,


    Our Freedome team has not received any similar feedback about high battery usage after upgrading to Nougat.


    If you're still seeing this issue, I would recommend to get in touch with support along with the logs for further investigation.


  • Same issue here, freedome is responsible for nearly 50% of the total battery usage. Device is Moto G5 on Android 7. I will try to contact the support with logs, but please recognize this as an actual issue.

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    Glad I'm not the only one...


    I've tried a few times to speak with the online chat but get an automated message saying there are no agents...


    I'll keep trying as this needs to be sorted...

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    Hi @m1tch3m and @torkyturpa,


    I have escalated your posts to our support team for further troubleshooting. One of our support team member will get back to you via email for further communication.

  • The problem is still there. Would like to use Freedome on my mobile phone but it is not an option while this issue remains @Laksh.

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