maybe more hardworker and diligent guys at F-Secure needed

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i like to F-Secure hear this suggestion so..


its clear that F-Secure have very great people in there . BUT maybe, just maybe some of them, maybe very very few of them, don't like their job, maybe some of them don't like what are they doing.

why am i saying these.. i'll tell you what, think about that, at this moment F-Secre have not 24/7 support for Home Users, for chat support it's ok, because maybe for access to it they need to be in office, Ok then . but what about community? can't they be able can't they register at it, in days or hours that F-Secure Support for Home Users is not available? for example weekends? i mean, we have some people who loves their work at F-Secure for sure right? for example they continue to doing their job even at home in weekends, so maybe F-Secure needs to hire more from this kind of people right?

does anybody seen any tech support of F-Secue staff be available at weekends or holidays at forum? i didn't personaly.

please note that i am not pointing to any specific person or community managers .. don't misunderestand it. maybe they have works at weekends for themselves who knows. also work is not their entire life right? all i'm saying is that maybe F-Secure needs more from that kind of guys who love their works, and their job be their life. which here the job we are mentioning is Support/answering to users.


if i see a guy who is online in forum at weekends, wow.. personally I will be impressed, now think about that what how much other customers like me wuld be impressed once they seen such hardworker people at F-Secure.. they will turn to your lifetime customer! that's it Smiley Wink


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    Just to point out, on most other AV forums, the companies themselves rarely contribute at all, if ever.  So, I think we are quite lucky here that F-Secure staff do bother to respond to posts.  I'm fairly sure that they don't all pack up and sit at home over weekends, but maybe that time is needed for development purposes, and they need to take the time out from answering support queries?  Again, compared to some other AV companies, I believe F-Secure support is one of the best, as I have used most of the other big brands, and support is adequate at best with most of them.  

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    Tnx Simon for sharing your opinion.


    well it's not about how is important to they sit at home and answer to users.. as i said its about how they love their job, how they like to be more friendly or closer to users.. it's not a Customer-service  thing at all.


    about what you said, i like to reject your word about other communities, Symantec have a lot of staff at it's forum even for it's home forum. also McAfee , but they are not trusted right? so nevermind lets bring another examples which are not 24/7 for Home users like F-Secure.
    i like to bring example from Dr.Web, you can see a lot of their staffs in weekends which is not work day for them at forum. or Kaspersky the same conditions. also we can consider Emsisoft  a very very small virutal company they are available even in hours that they should not work. the same with avast forum.
    and and and...

    i seen almost all of F-Secure their last online is Friday. like they are suffering at office or forum, they are just waiting to finish their work and say goodbuy til monday.. you know.. just finish it. Smiley Very Happy no love to job..


    again i notice that i am NOT pointing to any specific person. just a suggestion . F-Secure, just make sure that all of your staffs are not working ONLY for money. of course money is good and it's a should-be. no one work free. BUT as a last point, all i'm saying we know you guys swored to protect us. thats why we are with you not the other companies Ok? probably most of you at F-Secure working at there because you love what you're doing, but those who have more free time, won't bother to be online at holidays/weekends or not-workdays to say a Hi to us, thats not how a friendly community should be.

    @Laksh  for example was one of the best and most helpful guy since i joined this community, i didn't see him online at weekends or holidays, but he seems very friendly during workdays. maybe he is busy too much at weekends. we don't expect anything from you guys, all i saying is that if you act in the way i said, we will impressed even more than now Smiley Wink

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    // Later added -> I started to create this reply, but later found that this reply already start to be too much large;

    So... maybe in short it should be like: good if for all (!) workers/employees of F-Secure will be interesting to do their work and mainly interesting all things about F-Secure (like enjoy about discussing F-Secure); And generally... if they will love and appreciate(?) this COOL ability to work at F-Secure;  Also just because.. by this they do F-Secure better (globally). //


    Sorry for my opinion, feedback and feelings.


    Just except all valid and good meanings from topic's concern (since, of course, it good things while this is good things) - I able to add that:


    ---- it was always interesting for me too; but with meanings:

    -- does anyone at F-Secure using all of their solutions (?!) for their own experience;

    -- does anyone at F-Secure just (for fun) search/read Community or their blogs (or other sources, where possible discussion about troubles with F-Secure solutions or about other concerns);


    *by anyone I mean "who should not to do this by design"; or this one who should, but at weekends (or so);


    ---- I able to think about noted troubles as about critical points. And I also able to explain - why I still able to think that... I able to choose F-Secure even there can be such critical points (why to choose their software or feel good and with respect-meanings about their employees);


    I not sure about any large Corporations and their policies. Maybe it should be strong and 'not friendly';

    I able to think that such situation (topic's meanings) can be based on things like:


    -- NDA (or kind of this); Maybe they just do not able to discuss something; Or even more - do not able to "share information" as not part of their work; Since it will be not like "suggestion" - but official statement;

    Also can be any security/privacy concerns;

    -- Reasonable/Useful-points; For example, they able to perform kind of help - but they do not able to perform it (since they do not have access to 'corporate'-database or something like this; they do not have 'extended'-abilities or rights FROM home devices); Probably it possible to sort out (but maybe this is not design under F-Secure ?! policy on current time ?!);

    Also - for example - even Support is active -> development-people can be at weekends anyway (but their response is required); And other meanings around (which generally "not valid", but can be as explanation); 

    -- Design of community-style; They introduce/use Community (not like a forum or helpdesk);

    How I able to understand such design --> good that "F-Secure staff" is large part of this Community;

    With other meanings -> F-Secure created and maintain quite good Knowledgebase, online Documentation/Help, different support video, they have certain Community Managers, Moderators, F-Secure Product Managers, Product Experts, Employees and other F-Secure Staff; In fact --> they did response a lot! Often quite useful and interesting response; It can be more... but..

    And for Community there expected that most of time - there should be discussion between users (not F-Secure staff); And just about critical points (or even more... where needed/required attention from F-Secure Teams) should be response from F-Secure; With my own feelings -> I able to think that "if there only good discussion between users" -- it should be useful for F-Secure Staff (maybe save their time partly) and there anyway can be ANY kind of response; Just as "are you OK?!" (or something else); Or perform another kind of actions for users (if there not required sorting common things);


    Based on this three points: I able to think that potential F-Secure employee/worker able to register under Community 'an user account' and provide help 'as user for users' at weekends (or time - when he should not to do this) as his own feelings or dreams; Basically it should break "first point" and he can be tracked about such activities!

    But there good point -> he able to use F-Secure Freedome for hide his own IP and to be undercover! :) 

    About compare to another communities/forums; Most of your noted examples are:

    -- much more larger companies and with ..... visible higher count of employees;

    so - they should be with more abilities to perform such things; but F-Secure also has good quality design of their services/software/activities.... even it with less resources (?!); AND maybe more "important" -> this quality is increasing and expanding (with my feelings);


    -- or kind of "large community"-popular status (by 'community' - I mean there users who want to use it); Additionally to kind of good protection and some promo-steps..... can be situation - when such activities are expected; More 'users ask something' - more responses from company (at least, should be like this); Or more responses from users who want to do kind of help-steps for other users;

    This is should be valid for Dr.Web, Emsisoft, Avast...

    But I do not able to think about it properly - since I did not use their certain forums or communities and not sure about all of potential meanings;


    I just able to add that .... if I able to think that Support part (or kind of "handling" weekends or required more 'responses/attention' about daily things) is worst point of F-Secure Smiley Sad --> then I have to use support of something else (software company, another security software company or large company support) and I feel.. that F-Secure have "pretty well" situation based on limitations and exceptions of such things;  :)

    Also practically most 'critical' concerns can be next:


    --> Meanings from topic (and all of common sense things about this) should be valid as "TROUBLE" ... IF:

    - workers/employees do use any other social media, forums, communities at their weekends (or time - when they do not their direct work) with large count of time.

    If it like this -> this is too much strange - why do not use Community of their own company (since it can be interesting for them too); At least, just visit page.. or open page... read the page (since - I able to suspect - that there can be just total ignore for Community/other sources/meanings at weekends);

    And if they do another deals/things/activities/researchs/actions - this is can be OK; I able to understand it and feel; Since I do not love a lot of devices or even more Internet.

    But I often read (under F-Secure websites/blogs/articles also) that something which called "Connectivity" (?!) and accessibility to network by ANY DEVICE and with any location.... on current time - too much easy and all use this. Smartphones, tablets... clocks or so. It should be strange.. if with such abilities - they do not able to visit community or research web about their company; Just for fun.

    I able to understand.. that it can be "risk" to use their official mail-addresses/accounts by their own 'home' devices. This is OK; But maybe there should be something as potential improve "handling" critical things (or maybe "access" to incoming information and possibility to do outcoming response - if required);


    Generally -> silence at weekends can be OK... if with workdays there will be POWERFUL, GREATEST and USEFUL response; Since - not always required brief-reaction; Usually it will be like this;

    But there potential troublepoint: potential situation when user ask something at Friday evening (and then practically four days before response. or more); What if this is ask about "broken protection" or trouble with installation; This sounds strange. He want to install F-Secure -> but delay with four days (or more)... since not possible to install it (what there expected -> that he do not use system all of this days as result? or required to install another security solution?! or his own tries?!); And many other situations;


    So... F-Secure sort it by "Community" (where expected that other users able to help); And by F-Secure Support Channels. On current time -> chat partly available at weekends/random-time and so (I specially 'check' it with tries to use it and it works - but not sure about useful part of this - since basically.. potential check-concern is not sorted and I not sure.. if transferred to someone);


    You also ask about "examples" of F-Secure workers/teams at weekends; I saw it under community (not sure - if he is still worker Smiley Very Happy ); And some of other "good" actions by F-Secure Staff with not expected time. Maybe as exception - but anyway;


    I also choose F-Secure (first time) based on their staff (developers, support, teams); Mainly... I decided to try F-Secure based on another points.. but stay with F-Secure.. based on their employees; Directly or by 'meanings' (since... software created by this people too);


    Also F-Secure did a lot of things at background and with not visible triggers (practically as their solutions); They have perfect things and excellent-quality 'architecture' about some things; They have a lot of "cool" things like brandbooks and so;

    You saw the fresh changes for their website (and I also able to say... that fresh website is greatest - because with a lot of cool stuff and usability-point); And it was previously too (and previously... and previously); They introduce re-design for website (things) based on solutions-changes; And each time - there comes something 'actual' and really good;

    I also tried to search (some time before) different lithium-based communities.. and found that F-Secure - most of friendly for me (look/view/abilities); Maybe just because - I use it already (but many things was just 'worst' under another lithium-based communities... even with recent updated-platform);

    I also able to feel that they add/improve many things based on user's feedback;

    F-Secure with many different Teams and each Team did certain work. I able to think that based on many points and limitations --> it kind of surprise (for me).. that F-Secure with so good quality and result; Or maybe not surprise, but... "happy"-feelings;


    But generally.. I able to think (or suspect...) that F-Secure is vulnerable/exploitable too much; With meanings - that if it will be with more attention... more users or so... there is not enough protection for them... and 'protection' with all of meanings (which possible to imagine); But I able to think that it can be as trigger for improve-steps;


    Also feedback (as this topic) should help too; So... generally - you help F-Secure to do things much more interesting and powerful; Maybe this is good;

    I able to think that for some (or many) of F-Secure staff --> can be not known that there is "F-Secure Community" (or known, but 'just as words'). Maybe sounds strange.. but why not.

    And I able to think that indeed can be much more 'friendly community'-view - if there will be activities by F-Secure Staff; Troublepoint -> maybe there is not enough users (?!) for expected good impact;


    For example, under community many times noted that some of F-Secure Employees are gamers. For example, some of them also developed games (before F-Secure, during or as their own activities); Some users also comes to community with 'game'-concern;

    So -> why do not play together :) I able to think that on current time there SO MANY possibilities to create (or use) interesting game (it should not be high-graphic-quality or so.. for being interesting);

    And as part of community events - it can be interesting to use it. As "F-Secure employees" and "Community Users" as players;

    You also created previously words like "share they own interests"; Also quite good situation -> when there can be discussion about something else between F-Secure Staff and Community Users;


    But there is too much limitations like: not enough "users who want to do it"; security/privacy risks; other meanings (what if someone is fan of certain soccer club and he found that one of employees... fan of another.. what feelings can be there?! derby?) :)

    Also there can be next meanings: they introduce Community (and did many changes for their Support) based on points (like many other companies did):

    -- less resource-usage;


    They also able to research (at background) many things. Analysing, improve, discussing, publishing and other things. Like "how effective Community works", "how Support save their time based on KB-articles", "how to use certain Support-designs" and so;

    Also Lithium-platform (?!) provide ability to perform survey under Community; Most likely it cookies (?! cache) based. And should be 'one-time' for account.

    I did (fill) survey maybe already hundred (?! less?! more?!) times; :)

    I not sure - if such survey-results are monitored/checked/analyzed; And if yes -> does they re-validated about "valid"-status; Maybe I break statistics (?!) by filling it multiple times;


    And maybe they have results. Such survey more targeted (I able to think - but not sure) about "how effective Community for users.. as their potential purchase F-Secure or being customer";

    This is good point to research.

    But does F-Secure research about "how many users did not start to be F-Secure users based on Community experience?" (I not sure - but maybe not); But I feel that F-Secure do improve steps for avoid such situations;


    Some time before (months?! already maybe) I did re-check about this board (as most number of topics):

    Like research each available topic about "sorted or not" (why and how); Basically I did not research it about certain points (which I planned - since I paused it partly);

    But I created such categories for a little be more than three thousands topics (then I did not re-sort more properly yet):

    - Where "GENERAL" and "SUPPORT" can be re-placing each together with some situations; Mainly "general" about common asks (or multiple or not clear meanings) while "support" is direct ask for support about certain point (but I did some misclassification about it time to time); 

    - Where "MISSING OFFICIAL PROPER INVESTIGATION" can be about too much critical view... or not; It can be awful-situation (that situation not handled properly later) or not so critical (like official response did not comes - even it can be valid there); Or with response.. but after weeks/months or so;

    - Where "GOOD OFFICIAL RESPONSE" or "OFFICIAL GOOD RESPONSE" is about official response by F-Secure Staff; And "ENOUGH WORDS" or "SOME SUGGESTIONS" is about response by users, enough discussion or response from official staff with not enough official meanings; With small number of exclusions;

    - Where "UNSORTED BY USER"  is about situations.. when mainly situation sorted - but user do not mark it as solution; Or when situation MAYBE sorted - but user did not back with reply about "sorted" or required more help; Or when "there is nothing to sort" (feedback/information topics);



    1 topic;



    8 topics;



    225 topics;



    543 topics;



    361 topics;



    289 topics;



    7 topics;



    104 topics;



    47 topics;



    11 topics;



    65 topics;



    63 topics;


    727 topics;



    554 topics;


    +57 unsorted topic with missing investigation (usually about "localized"-topics -> where it asked not on English);
    +15 sorted topic (some topics);
    +16 moved topic (topics moved from SAFE-board);


    Maybe there is not clear anything from such results (since this is only "not properly edited/categorized/checked" data), but there next meanings:

    --> even there quite high count of properly sorted topics or potentially sorted... in somewhat reasons there is practically about more than sixty topics with "no one reply" (!); And large count of topics.. where can be quite useful response from official Staff. Or even more... research by F-Secure about meanings from this topics;

    --> there was how "quite perfect examples of Community work" and..... also "quite awful" situations.

    Partly current situation of community can be better; But with some of other meanings - as it was before -- since some of troubles still there or repeated;

    But basically.... what about Community/Support ---> good if this level/layer with perfect status;

    But more nice situation... when user do not have any reasons to contact Support about sort-trouble;

    And where is Community more as "good feedback"-place, than helpdesk.

    I also able to think that if users see that there is "Help/Support" comes from F-Secure even at weekends - this is can be as 'great feature'; But (for my own opinion) -->  F-Secure solutions already with high count of perfect features, but for many of potential users this is not really important (and they able to choose something else). So - even if there will be such "Support"-team and then user meet some troubles with F-Secure solution... he able to ask something like What's going on there SupportHero ?


    Sorry for my reply.



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    Hi Ukko,


    Regarding the survey, the survey is not supposed to pop-up repeatedly if you have filled it before. However, if you clear your cache regularly, it will reappear. You can always click 'No Thanks' if you have answered it before.



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    @Laksh wrote:

    Hi Ukko,


    Regarding the survey, the survey is not supposed to pop-up repeatedly if you have filled it before. However, if you clear your cache regularly, it will reappear. You can always click 'No Thanks' if you have answered it before.



    Thanks for response!


    Yes, my own experience most likely based only on "cache-clearing";

    But additionally there also -> another browsers under system, another devices and systems;


    This is not a trouble for me (since -> yes, it possible to do "No, Thanks") and I skip survey many times. But not hard to fill the survey (with general meanings). And just one troublepoint -> if my action break the proper view of results (even - I did not place "feedback"-words under latest form with most of tries after first ones). :)Smiley Sad


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    Ops! Smiley Very Happy

    i didn't know that really @Laksh Smiley Very Happy i'm from Iran so i'm not familiar with the names there...

    Thanks for the answer, but did you mention that Chat Support is 24/7? is it? i don't think so! Smiley Surprised

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    Ukko your post is just great, I'd love to have a guy like you as a friend and/or neighbour.



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    May I suggest to try it, not to think... 

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    of course you can. and i did try it, it's not 24/7 Smiley Wink

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