Finder does not lock my device

I have the problem that I can send sound alarms, locate the device but it will not crash when I send the order my mobile with android in the fsecure safe app has active device lock and permissions. Please help.


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    Sorry for my reply.


    Just because there is not comes any replies yet;


    Based on Help/Documentation article:


    Note: You need to activate device administrator permissions for the app to turn on the ability to remotely lock and wipe your device.


    Sounds as ->  you able to use "Sound an alarm on your device" and "Locate your device" by default;

    But for "Lock your device" and "Wipe your personal data from the device" you have to configure/allow F-Secure SAFE as administrator-of-device (?!);


    By ""in the fsecure safe app has active device lock and permissions"" - do you mean this point (?!); Or about something else? Based on this articles -- if you have "ON"-status for this options under F-Secure SAFE application UI - it should also means that there is "configured" SAFE as Administrator (but good to re-check maybe);


    If it properly configured and anyway there trouble about "lock device" (or so) --> maybe there will be some other proper suggestions (since there can be some of potential reasons) by more experienced users;

    Or you also able to try talk with F-Secure Support Channels (for proper investigation):



  • mummyjojo
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    I am having the same problem.The alarm will work but it will not lock-so frustrating

  • Jenki
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    I having the same problem.
  • Näsäviisas
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    This is not so simple.
    I don't know about programming prosess in Finder. But here is an analysis:
    - in smartphone many parts
    - device > many produsers and plenty of models
    - OS (Android), many versions of Android
    - applications, in this case F-S Safe
    - SIM-card from teleoperator, in SIM functions and properties
    - I think that, it is not wonder, if all together does not work always well
    - the command: sending from computer to phone, not locking direct the phone

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