how to transfer a single license Freedome?

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I purchased a single license long ago with Paypal. The license is still valid. I changed mac. How to transfer the license to a new mac?


I couldn't find any information on the app and online. 


  • Ukko
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    Probably your experience about multi-platform subscription (one license/device) and there should work next design:


    So, basically..


    How to transfer the license to a new mac?

    -- Uninstall F-Secure Freedome from previous Mac-device (you able to skip this step - since article noted that it not helpful; but I not sure - if there is still such design);


    -- Trigger install-process under fresh Mac-device;

    -- If there will be any prompts - so... there should be an option to re-use license (based on previously noted article);


    Common installation steps:

    With meanings - that you have to know your "Subscription code" and use it with fresh installation;


    If there troubles with "Subscription code" - most likely good to contact F-Secure Support Channels (chat/phone):

    As re-ask/restore your Subscription code based on purchase-information;


    Sorry if I understand your ask with wrong meanings.



  • pagh
    pagh Posts: 3 New Member

    Thanks for the answer.


    The problem is that I cannot find a way to recover the code. I found in my email the payment receipt (from paypal) and I have the working freedome, but cannot find the code and not keen to uninstall freedome from the old laptop as it may contain the only trace of the subscription code.


    Any hint? 

  • pagh
    pagh Posts: 3 New Member
    Thank for the suggestion.

    I contacted support via chat and they immediately gave me my activation code. I inserted it in my new laptop freedom app, sorting the issue.

    Thanks to everyone that participated and answered my request.
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