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For the last couple of days my F-Secure Safe is telling me to restart my computer as there has been a protection malfunction. When shutting down it takes ages and when started again I get the same error, but no error code! Looking at the updates I can see multiple files that have downloaded buy not updated (inc Hydra, Gemini, DeepGuard, Anti Spam, Aquarius and Scanner Manager).


Any ideas of how I can force these files to install, or why they are failing to install?





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    Most useful option is:


    --> Be sure.. that "engines/modules" with enough time for try to "installation"; Even if F-Secure prompted about "malfunction";


    --> You able re-check fsdbupdate9.exe:

    if it can be helpful with your situation;


    --> Probably also should be as fix -> Re-install F-Secure SAFE (if there is OS higher than Windows Vista);


    --> Before any actions - good to create Fsdiag:

    If common steps will be not useful.. and there required investigation by F-Secure Support.

    Sorry for my ask; Your situations sounds as there can be "update/upgrade" for your F-Secure SAFE. And maybe with broken state; Or as trouble (compatibility or even malware);


    Maybe you able to add screenshot about Updates-window?


    Or you able to re-check next points:


    -- Updates-window should be with "Updates Journal"-link (or so) as logs about updates downloading/installing-timepoints.

    You able to re-check what there says; It can be like " failed" or "re-try"... or something else.


    -- Does Hydra/Gemini/DeepGuard/other with "Not installed" status? Or there some other words?

    Also does there possible situation that there "double" strings about this items? One of them installed.. and another not installed?



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