browser extension issues with chrome

Hi Everyone


I keep getting a message saying browser extension turned off but there is no extension to turn on in the google chrome extension list !


Has anyone else encountered this issue?  The extension is not in chrome store to add on either !


Thankyou in advance

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    Time to time there possible to meet such topics.


    For Mac platform:


    Where also available URL from user to Google Chrome Web Store;


    Then next topic:


    Does your experience about Mac or Windows?


    If Windows -> maybe you able to re-check next URL:

    Google Chrome Webstore

    not sure if there is latest or certain valid URL -> since build-number looks maybe not as latest one (or maybe it will autoupdate after installing);

    Maybe there anyway good to contact F-Secure Support Channels directly (as suggested under second topic) or maybe there will be some suggestions from experienced users (Chrome users) later;



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