Auto-scan USB flash drives

I did not see an option to turn on/off auto-scanning of USB flash drives when they are inserted. Does F-Secure do this automatically?

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    There indeed missing such feature/option and maybe F-Secure design not really about "auto-scan USB flash drives" as it can be with another security solutions; But for my own opinion - there quite "friendly" design for Home users;


    F-Secure real-time scanning covered freshly connected devices. And there next meanings:


    -> F-Secure will scan any actions/activities by real-time scanning;

    So - if after/during plug-in USB Flash drive -  there any "runs" - it scanned/'hooked'/analysed; And if there something known malicious/suspicious - there will be detection;


    -> If there "static" troubles (as potentially harmful files) - good to perform steps like "rightlick" for drive and choose option "Manual scan it" (context-menu);

    It will be with scanning for files/USB flash drive and it can be with certain "time-delay" - but it will be practically as "scanning" for USB flash drive before your own access to filesystem/files under USB flash drive.


    And F-Secure IS/SAFE do not things like:


    -> USB flash drive is prevented/blocked while there is autoscanning process  and before you able to get access to drive (as it can be with another security solutions, where it can be certain feature/option); 

    It discussed time to time under community, but probably there missing any recent official advices/explanation about this design. Not sure if there can be useful option as "ask" when you connect USB drive -> "Do you want to allow access to drive or do scan it before?" - since it sounds more like trick-hook, than proper design; What do you think about it? And sorry for my long=try to do response about your ask! Smiley Sad



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    Thanks, Ukko.


    I do not want to turn-off auto-scanning of USB flash drives. As you mentioned, with other antivirus products, the user is asked whether a scan should be performed. I seem to remember ESET always asking if I wanted to scan a USB flash drive. With Bitdefender, the default option is to scan both USB flash drives and CD/DVD discs, with disc scanning causing the system to slow.


    I do wish F-Secure would give an official answer because there might be a security loophole. For example, if I insert a USB flash drive and immediately access a file on it, does F-Secure first scan it before allowing me to access it?

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    I might be wrong here but my understanding is that the scanning happens basically in on-demand when you're not running manual scanning. You might get all files within a directory scanned but doubtful recursively. So if you segment your files under logical directory structures, you might get away with less files being scanned per directory leading to overall performance improvement. This is assuming it doesn't just scan all files inside an external drive on mount

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    Sorry, Ukko, I had trouble with your English.


    At one of the links you provided, an F-Secure employee wrote: "Any normal antivirus automatically scans every file when accessed, and you can scan everything(i.e. Pendrive) manually if you wish."


    But then another F-Secure employee added: "Where I would see it being useful, however, is when sharing the Pendrive with other users whose PC/device may NOT have antivirus installed, thereby accidentally spreading a hidden infection in a file."



    So my question is answered. I was confused because every antivirus product has different behavior with respect to USB flash drives, for example, Bitdefender, which prevents any access of the USB flash drive until the scan is finished.

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    Sorry for my worst English! Smiley SadSmiley Sad

    And probably my reply should not be "the solution" for your topic (at least, as long as it's still important get official response there);

    What about your "quotes" -> as I able to think -> first one is not by F-Secure employee (he is previously active F-Secure user/beta-user and community user ?!);

    And second quote by F-Secure employee; But -> after this reply... there quite many changes for F-Secure scanning platforms and technologies; And... probably "first quote" will handle such situation;

    But I also able to think that there can be potential tricks (when "autoscan"-feature can be useful) or when manual scan is strongly required (before your own usage the connected drive); While current design should be OK for most of common situations;


    Sorry for my worst English (else one time);




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