Slow startup scan

Win10 x64 Pro, i7, 24gb RAM ,9tb HDDs


After Windows start, F-Secure takes over an hour to scan my system during which time it hogs resources to a very significant extent.


I can find no option to influence this behaviour.


How can I retain protection without such a major interference with productivity?


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.


    Do you mean next point (?):


    --> after launch system (first load system per session) - your first scanning take about one hour?


    If yes, do you talk about so called "Virus scan" or "Full scan"?

    Or you mean that with load system -> there not available to use system about one hour (?!) (like if there take one hour at startup for get ability proper using system; and there visible overload with resources-usage by F-Secure processes)?



  • Cyclops
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    I mean that F-Secure seems to run a full disk scan on every Windows startup over which I have no control. I have no scheduled scans set.

    What lies behind your answer? Are there different answers for different types of scan?
  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my long reply! Smiley SadSmiley SadSmiley Sad


    // generally - maybe there real-time scanning detect some high activities under system and will scan it; maybe there some autoupdates for another software or something like that. and F-Secure real-time scanning (as expected) analyzing all of this activities; but if there stable view with each startup; and each time take about hour - this is strange; next will be just some common suggestions //


    If there some of Home solutions like F-Secure AV, IS, SAFE, Total - most likely there should not be any automatic scan-processes at launch. At least... full disk scan;

    There most likely can be something as 'boot scan' (or so) - but not sure if it should create such result;


    Since there scheduled scanning not configured... any other types of scan (except real-time scanning) can be launch just manually. If real-time scanning (on-demand/on-access) create some troubles - you able to re-check it by temporary disabling real-time scanning (Main UI -> Settings -> Real-time-scanning switch option to Turn off);


    I can to think that there can be downloading/installing updates by F-Secure each Windows startup (or most of them). And, for example, Aquarius-engine able to create visible resource-usage for drive/CPU (there on-the-fly database updating with creating temporary backup for some unexpected situations);


    What about different types of scan: "Virus scan" work for most common (for malware) places under system. And it more like "brief scan" for detecting "active malware";

    "Full scan" able to take a lot of time, but will scan full system; With some of settings/options it can be more speedy or not. With my system (750GB HDD - where in use.. only about 350GB; 8GB RAM; 2.5Ghz i5) full scan take about seven-twelve hours with all options (which increase scanning-time); While "Virus scan" take about fifteen minutes. Next launch will be much speedy (with missing any changes under system or fresh database-updates); But I have to launch it manually for get this "view" (as hours and system resources usage);


    So my ask was about point - that if you talk about such scannings (which you launch manually) - one hour for "Virus scan" is something wrong; But for "full scan" it can be OK; Also based on your configuration.


    But since you noted that there something "which you do not launch" - I not really sure about potential reasons why it can to take "hour";


    If it like that - I able to create just some suggestions based on your other descriptions. I also just F-Secure user.

    So, if there something with such strange view.. maybe there required to contact F-Secure Support by chat (as example):

    With (as example) - or which options they able to provide for proper investigation such situations.




  • Simon
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    You don't really need to do full scans every day, as F-Secure will block anything malicious which tries to execute anyway.  In fact, it's arguable whether you need to run regular full scans at all, especially if you ran a full scan when the program was initially installed.  I've been running F-Secure since 2006, and I certainly haven't done a full scan in the last five years, at least, because it takes hours to complete on my machine.  

  • Cyclops
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    My problem is that I have not discovered how to turn opff this startup scan. I do not want it, but so far seem to be stuck with it.


    My question, when boiled down to minimums, is: Where is the setting to change to stop this unwanted scan every time I reboot?

  • Simon
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    In Settings, look for Scheduled Scanning.  You can modify it, or turn it off completely.  

  • Ukko
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    @Cyclops wrote:

    Where is the setting to change to stop this unwanted scan every time I reboot?



    Sorry for my reply and my ask.


    Did you try contact support (?) or it was not useful?


    Also since you already noted that there is disabled "scheduled scan" and just because there should not be related scheduled scan (at least, because ...with my understanding ... - it should not re-triggered each launch/restart);


    And if all other previous meanings not valid (sorry for my worst English)  - what F-Secure solution and build there?


    because (?!) with current F-Secure SAFE/IS/AV/Total there missing such option and maybe missing "scan each time with booting system" with so unexpected view (except some points); Also what certain points/triggers create understanding that there is certain full drive "scanning"?

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