Windows XP and subscription renewal

My PC uses XP and I am not in a position to update it.


I renewed my Fsecure subscription but it refused to accept the new key. I have been told that this is because of the lack of Microsoft support for XP - yet there are still daily virus updates being downloded  from Fsecure !!!


What will happen when my subscription expires?


Does lack of a subscription cause the Fsecure to go zombie, or will it still continue to protect my PC ????


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    Sorry for my reply.

    I'm also just F-Secure user. So it will be just my suggestions (and maybe you prefer to get proper response from official F-Secure Teams with workdays);


    When subscription expired -> most of F-Secure protection and security features should not work (like scanning, some UI parts and other); So, generally... it will not protect your system (since there will be allowed to open harmful websites and some other related things); For proper protection there required valid active subscription-status under installation.


    Also you have to be informed that "fresh installation" already not work for this system (and reinstallation);

    I mean - that F-Secure still work under your system/device (and there still comes database-updates) - kind of exclusion/limitation (while there practically not possible to install fresh F-Secure solution on this system);


    There available general notes about drop support for this Windows:


    -- About reasons and explanation; Also there noted that "receiving virus database updates" can be stopped (but looks like that it still available for users);


    -- Why there not always possible to get proper explanation about try installing for not supported System;


    And just as "knowledgebase article":

    Also there can be meanings that F-Secure just do not able to provide proper protection for not supported systems (by Microsoft). Because there a lot of possibilities to hack/break system just by using vulnerabilities/troubles under this system (even there installed F-Secure); Not really security point. So general advice from F-Secure can be as "using up-to-date OS";

    Also there will be not supported Windows Vista  soon;


    Sorry for my reply.



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    In short, you cannot renew a licence, or reinstall the product, using Windows XP.  It may limp along for a while, but sooner or later, it will stop working all together, and you will have little or no protection.  As a recent large scale cyber attack has proven, Windows XP is now vulnerable, and should be upgraded.

  • Andysaurus
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    Well, now the subscription has expired and I have the strange situation of the Fsecure continuing to download virus updates, but it  is otherwise inactive, refusing to scan files and Windows thinks that there is no anti vairus in operation.


    It is a crap situstion where the scanner can still do something to protect against viruses but it is no longer possible to buy a valid subscription key. They must all be in league with Microsoft to force people to upgrade to the next bloated OS.

  • Simon
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    To be fair, Windows XP is now 15 years old, so in technological terms, it's had a good run.  I don't think it's anything to do with anyone being in league with Microsoft, but a software security company cannot reasonably be expected to continue to provide support for an obsolete operating system.

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    So, its been working for the past yeear and still continuse to download updates. They could provide a reduced rate subscription.

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    But the security of the product itself could be compromised by the vulnerability of XP, and then users would blame the security product if they got a virus, rather than the operating system.  Things move on, and software products need to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of online threats.  They can't do this if they are having to support operating systems which have reached the end of their lives, and are themselves no longer evolving.  


    I was also reluctant to upgrade from XP, as it was familiar, and I didn't want to change.  But I have found Windows 7 to be a worthwhile upgrade, and in many ways, it is very similar to XP.  In fact, looking at my desktop, you would not know the difference.  I'm sure, if you choose the seller carefully, you could pick up Windows 7 on eBay for not very much money.  

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    I renewed F-Secure Safe in July 2017 (cover for 3 devices including my PC with OS Windows XP professional). It was only when I had paid my renewal subscription that I was informed by F-Secure that my PC was no longer covered and they laid the blame on Microsoft and age of Windows XP. Yet every morning for at least a month before my nenewal date (12/05/2017) when I booted my PC there on the desktop was a reminder to renew my F-Secure Safe but no indication that when the renewal took effect that my PC with OS Windows XP would be excluded from cover. The remaining  2 devices were covered. Now to add insult to injury F-Secure refused a refund for no longer covering the PC. The answer supplied by F-Secure was that the cost of 2 devices was the same as the cost for 3 devices. Has anyone else been treated in the same manner. F-Secure is good in most instances but when a problem arises it's difficuly to get it sorted. I have an added problem as I live in the Rep. Ireland and it is covered by F-Secure support from UK.



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    Sorry but I'm too curious here not to ask: did the client stop nagging regardless even though you got a notification that your operating system is not supported?

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