Recently: Unstable slow connections, interruptions

Vetraci Posts: 156 Adventurer

Recently I am experiencing unstable/ slow connections or sudden connection interruptions.

Without Freedome turned "ON" my Internet speed is fast and stable.

No changes in hardware/router hardware. 

server: Germany


workaround that adresses this issue: turn connection "OFF", then "On" again.




I am experiencing this issues on 2 Windows 10 devices (latest updates) and 2 iOS devices (latest updates)


Anyone else affected?


  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Vetraci,


    Thanks for bringing your feedback to us. I would like to know if you see this unstable or slow connection with the other gateways as well. Or is it just happening with Germany?


    I will bring this to the Freedome team's notice.

  • Vetraci
    Vetraci Posts: 156 Adventurer

    Hi @Laksh


    I tried the Italian and Belgium Server on different devices - not for the same amount of time than your German server, so harder to tell.

    Most of the times Freedome works fine feeling no difference in speed. 

    But sometimes there is this case where I have to turn it off and on again to get it back to work fine Smiley Indifferent

  • Vetraci
    Vetraci Posts: 156 Adventurer



    since this issue happens suddenly (there is no way to reproduce it) and varies in time and divice it's hard to tell if its a "device problem". I considered a server problem since I experienced these unstabilities on iOS and Windows. I am updating my Windows systems right now, then do a fresh install of Freedome.

    I will get in touch with support team if issues persist.



  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Thanks for the update, Vetraci.

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