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When i try to check for updates always an error occurred with the notification "Update Error! An error occurered in retrieving update information. Please try again later." 

This happens on my MBP and my iMac.

Any help would be highly appreciated.






  • ShivaVika
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    Hello Rasmus,


    thank you so much for the speedy reply. 

    The updating process is working fine again on both.

    But in the menu bar of my iMac  a second Xfence icon suddenly appeared, as if I had installed xfence twice. One is disabled and can not be enabled by me.  How can i get rid of it without to have uninstalling xfence completely? 

    And how can such a thing happen? I have never experienced before the icon of an app in the menu bar twice. 

    And what means " .-+ " Smiley Very Happy




  • pajp
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    Do you still have two XFENCE icons after a reboot and/or logout/login? Or can you reproduce the issue in anyway?


    If yes, could you please file a bug report at https://beta.f-secure.com so that we can follow up on it and gather some more diagnostics?




    > And what means " .-+ "


    It's a long story. Smiley Happy


     - Rasmus



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