Protection malfunction

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F-secure protection malfunction keeps popping up. I need to restart my computer many times.


  • Ukko
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    There can be helpful information about:


    --> certain F-Secure solution and its build;


    If there F-Secure AV, F-Secure Internet Security, F-Secure SAFE or F-Secure Total?

    Or maybe there branded F-Secure solution which provided by your ISP or other steps?


    And about "version" can be helpful next articles (as steps to re-check build-number):  for Windows platform ;


    --> also when such 'pop up' happened (?!) - randomly at any time? or with launch system? or with certain situations (if using certain software or doing certain things)? Also - if you do not restart computer - after some time - there still such notification?


    --> because there maybe (not known) technical trouble - most likely - useful to try contact F-Secure Support Channels directly (Chat or Phone) and maybe they will provide some advices/tips about your next steps:


    Sorry for my reply.




  • Simon
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    Things to check:


    -- That you have the latest updated version of whichever F-Secure product you're using.


    -- That your Windows Updates are all updated and installed.  


    -- That you don't have any other conflicting software on the machine, such as another anti virus product.  


    If none of the above apply, then I would suggest that you reinstall F-Secure and see if that solves the issue.  

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