After payment Banking protection blocks return to sellers site

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Having problem with the banking protection again.

Made a reservation on K1-Katsastus (vehichle scrutineering).

When I entered payment Banking protection kicks in. Fine

Completed the payment with Verkkopankki (direct debit from my bank account).

Clicked return to the sellers site.

Site blocked

Usually in case like this ending Banking protection and refreshing the page takes me back to where I should normally be directed.

In this case page not found and details of my reservation gone for ever from my eyes.

Apparently they were already entered in the sellers system.


This behaviour of the Banking protection that after firing it once it blocks the sites where you might be entering payment details until I close the browser ain't working properly, because the non-payment date related to the session on the sellers site is lost when the browser is closed.

I should think that stopping Banking protection manually would do the trick, but it is too unreliable to rely on the user to remember that.


So which is the lesser of the evils no Bankin protection or losing the non-bank-payment related data?

This was on Common Component Framework 2.91 build 198


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    Smiley Sad Sorry for my reply.


    I maybe wrong understand some points (generally what happened with 'return after payment'- does it was return to  K1-Katsastus  website, which eventually blocked?); Also indeed strange that after closing/ending Banking Protection session (by flyer) there 'page not found' and not proper view (except situation if there any other additional troubles).


    But is it possible that just 'return link' (URL which blocked?! as result; or prevented redirect?! there) was broken and it not really Banking Protection will 'break' the page-view (even blocking access to page/url)?


    Anyway - I think that except meanings that there should be proper response from F-Secure about concerning things.... you also able to transfer URL which blocked by Banking Protection to F-Secure Labs:


    For improve their 'ratings' ; It can be helpful for meanings - that if there will be else one situation - it quite good if page will be not blocked during banking protection session;


    And there will be both of things - Banking Protecting and "non-bank-payment related data" not missing (?! if such trouble triggered by Banking Protection session blocking page).


    Also maybe with such situations (when page is blocked by active Banking Protection session) there should be reasonable to use option "Allow this website" (but it can be that even website is allowed - other third-party important resources under page can be still blocked; so ending BP session by flyer should be much more powerful);




    // later added:


    also does it possible that your current experience can be related with such topic-meanings (?):

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    Pretty sure it's a bug or a very core missing feature if product is blocking redirect back to web shop after banking mode. Note that any FAQ F-Secure has is probably not up-to-date for this product as things go to FAQ only after having been reported and only if they cannot be fixed through changes in product

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