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I have FSecure via my isp - TalkTalk.

I've noticed that the Banking protection display notification does not drop down/display anymore at the top of my screen when I've typed in my internet banking address. I've checked the settings but cannot see anything amiss with the settings.

Thank you.

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    Sorry for my reply. Just as some suggestions.

    But does it work with any other banking pages? For example, https://www.nordea.no ?


    If yes, maybe there can be next points to re-check:


    --> your banking URL still with HTTPS (only when we use banking-rated page under HTTPS - there will be trigger for Banking Protection); 

    --> F-Secure Browsing Protection extension/addon/plugin normally installed under browser (this should not be a reason, but in some situations extension able to provide extended abilities for properly understanding that there banking page);

    --> you able transfer URL to F-Secure SAS:  https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/labs_global/submit-a-sample#sample-url

    with meanings that you will provide additional information (related checkbox) and choose categories like "Banking protection related trouble" -> "BP session did not start/activated" (or something like that);

    so, there can be response from F-Secure Labs  (and explanation like if it should trigger or not; or maybe already it normally rated and there another troubles);


    If with other banking pages there also missing BP-flyer:


    --> does it missing with all browsers (or just with certain browser)?

    --> what if there BP-flyer missing only, but protection work? Such point possible to re-check by "try to open some pages or will use another browser / private mode of current browser for opening any pages" - if banking protection activated (even there missing flyer) there can be blockpage with explanation (that BP session is active); if so - most likely there required something as direct contact F-Secure Support channels;


    Sorry for my reply and if my suggestions about something else, than your ask.



  • Arthur2Arthur2 Posts: 5

    Thank you for your detailed reply, it is much appreciated.

    The notification in question does not show with any of my banks.

    It works fine on my wifes laptop with the  same banks, so I would suggest it is maybe a  computer related problem.

    I'm not that tech savvy to use the links you have posted, so I will uninstall FSecure and download again.

    I will let you know the out come.



  • Arthur2Arthur2 Posts: 5

    Unfortunately the problem has returned. I have been informed that I run the Diagnostics Tool, but I cannot locate it anywhere within the FSecure programme. Can you please advise. Thank you.

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    This Knowledgebase/How-To article should be with proper steps:




    Does it work with your experience (partly it can be under TalkTalk names)?;


    If you mean that there already created fsdiag -> with stable F-Secure solutions it should be under your desktop (or with place.. which noted by Support Tool at created);


    Sorry for my reply.



  • Arthur2Arthur2 Posts: 5

    Thank you very much. I wouldn't have worked out where the Support Tool was as it's TalkTalk that's listed in the programmes and not FSecure itself.

    I've ran the dignostics and sent the file to my ISP - TalkTalk

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