recently i read something about F-Secure that shocked me

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guys i'm home user so you may surprise why is this important or even i care about this.. but i do ( maybe because i like F-Secure too much? ) well it's about reviews that i seen from Current and Former Employee if F-Secure.  take a look at here ( )


it's GlassDoor website, totally F-Secure was very good and almost 64 of 68 reviews show us that F-Secure is great as much as possible. BUT there are 2-3 reviews from Current and Former Employees which could be worrying, and something more worryng is that F-Secure didn't response and clear any statement about their claims.. personally? it's bothering me as i saw Kaspersky or Symantec or 1-2 more companies answered to such bad reviews clearly.


i will share with you their reviews in ScreenShots:





well specialy first one.. CEO is cheating on it's own team?!!! WHAT THE HELL ( Mikko Hypponen says Smiley Very Happy )!


CEO is dealing with Operators? again WHAT THE HELL!??!! ( again Mikko Hypponen says Smiley Very Happy )


and another bad thing i read in these reviews was that future of Company is completely unclear ! which really is worrying even for me as a Home user ! we love F-Secure, if it's not able to clear it's own future, how can secure our future digital experiences ?! we needs answer F-Secure :)

guys share your opinions ( of cours if you have different words from my says )

and hopefuly we'll have some responses from F-Secure in near future in this topic? or GlassDoor.

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    i already sent a PM ( Friday ) to our community manager but i guess he is bussy and my PM yet not reviewed.


    Could you please forward my topic to FeedBack ( Welcome ) forum dear @Laksh ? i think i posted in wrong place.


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    Hi Parham,


    I have forwarded your post internally for the respective team's notice. This board is still a good place for this post to be. If you insist, I can change it to the News and Feedback section.

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    Thank You very much dear Laksh.


    yes please i think it would be better if you forward it to feedback forum because when F-Secure publish it's statement about these reviews, it would be better to have it in feedback forum which is more active forum and more related. :)

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    Good Day


    any update for this case dear @Laksh ? Smiley Happy

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    Hi Parham,


    This was already brought to the notice for the respective team. I will get back to you once I have a reply from them regarding this feedback. Sorry for the delay.

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    Thank You very much dear Laksh and F-Secure Management team specialy.
    also other guys in there which are doing their best to keep us safe.

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