how is the process of Components Updates in F-Secure Products?

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i have F-Secure Internet Security on my system.

take a look at this topic:


as you can see, in that topic Common Component Framework version is 2.87.268 

but in my F-Secure Internet Security, its 2.76 ( from About you can check it )


again, in that topic Antivirus  verison is 17.187.139, but in my F-Secure, its 14.176 !!

i mean Beta is in version 17! but Stable product in version 14 !!! when F-Secure is going to release updates ?!


  • Parham
    Parham Posts: 103 Enthusiast

    Thank You dear @Ville for the response.


    but is there anywhere so we can find out when it released? i mean i already asked once in and @Laksh addressed that in this link ( ) but my F-Secure is now 16.5 ( as my About says ), where is the changelog for this version? i searched the whole How-To and Help Furoms, nothing..

    may i ask you please consider a better process to share the changelogs with your users please?


    thank you very much and have a Great Day!

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