Is my device actually recognized or tracked?

In My FSecure there is a list of my devices.

When an update came I was required to login to My FS and the list of my devices was displayed asking which license I wanted to release (0 licenses free).

Firstly that behaves like a fresh installation not like an update when asking for a license and not recognizing that the previous version  is installed.


Secondly apparently the system does not recognize or keep track of my device as the device I am updating is one on the list.


So the way to install the update is to release the lisence on the current device and put it back on the list.

Luckily that has not happeden with every update.




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    Sorry for my reply.


    There is my experience  (if you want to read, because it can be quite long and not interesting):



    I also tried one time to response for your topic: - where you aso noted such situation. But it was unexpected trouble with "login auth" at my try to do reply and it was discarded.


    Because I also had funny situation with Android-device and recent updates. Basically - I already three/four times had to "re-use" same device and setting up from first FS Protection.


    My situation was next:

    ---> Before releasing "fresh" Family Rules-feature there was update/upgrade for FS Protection Android; and there was ask/notification about "required login for get fresh features after upgrade" (even all other feature anyway work and looks good), but I noticed it and decided to login... just when Family Rules already comes to My FS Portal (topic created under community).

    ---> So it trigger configuration FS Protection Android installation and even it was already "license in use" - next configuration steps take "else one license" (like re-use from this certain device to this device);
    It was with "Family Rules" profile settings too; But it was not "available" else for Android installation yet (at least - it was response under the community pages);

    ---> After some days there comes additional/next Update for FS Protection Android (support for Family Rules - I think);

    ---> I installed it... with greetings as fresh installation mainly; And it was required to login else one time for get Family Rules work-status (even all other normally work); As result - else one "re-usage" license device (there was mainly next view: I had available license, which goes to be taken; but previous not removed). There was two licenses for one certain device marked as valid-installed ones.

    ---> I remove under the My FS Portal one of such "devices" (which I thought not active), but in somewhat reason it break my device installation. And I had to do "configuration" steps else one time.

    ---> I decided to set up it as "profile". All was OK, but I decided to remove "rights", which was required for such profile. As result - I had to do "configuration" steps for FS Protection else one time.

    On current time it was one week trial-mode - because I do not try to repeat else one time start using license for device and family rules for prevent more "steps" and get one week delay for that. :)

    Something like that - but maybe I already add wrong words.

    Mainly meanings there that: with certain steps - FS Protection Installation for Android did reset for "license" automatically (will mark installation by another ID);

     So - mainly I also experienced about your two "points".


    --> "Firstly that behaves like a fresh installation not like an update when asking for a license and not recognizing that the previous version  is installed."

    I get this two times (first: with one of recent updates for FS Protection, where I was greeting by FS Protection for Android as it fresh installation; second: when I remove "administrators/more rights" - which was required for using device as "family rules kids profile"); Both of times most likely there "resetting" ID of installation by somewhat reason. And also "previous" installation was stuck under the My FS Protection portal. 

    --> "Secondly apparently the system does not recognize or keep track of my device as the device I am updating is one on the list."

    Which basically related with first point.

    Not sure good it or not, but maybe this situation means that F-Secure do not use "tricks" to track own installation under the user's devices. :) What maybe can be good.

    But not nice that with "kind of" common situations will trigger additional steps to re-login/re-use license FOR (and FROM) Android device where this license IN USE already.


    Maybe this shoud work as limitation for situation, when you able to use different F-Secure solutions (or type of subscriptions) per one device, where not possible to stick installation-device connection.


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    Thanks Ukko.

    My post was not so much a question, but a statement of the situation. So there is not correct solution.


    For one thing this is much better than the situatiation with the standard FS Internet Security.

    In IS the softare assigns identity cryptic codes. The only way to see which device is assigned a particular identity code I have to go to each device and lookup the code in IS and record that. Sounds like if you just do it once and save the list you are OK. For some reason it does not work that well when I have a dozen devices in the subscription list expiring at two or more points in time and when I go the list of identities less frequently and see that the is a fair number identities for devices that do not exist anymore.


    The TP type of system would be better where I can give the identity/name myself and see the subscription code as well.

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    Yes, mainly I understand your meaning and that there is "statement of the situation";


    So, because that -  with my previous reply -> I just decided add more "examples" of this trouble to your topic. Such as - with meanings that situation not random just for you (and it valid for other users too) and maybe F-Secure Android Team able to re-check  - if there all designed good and should be with such view.


    Also as example - with current time (some days before) - looks like that there can be some "stuck" for desktops-installations too. With meanings: if I properly uninstalled it, but My FS Protection Portal still show this devices as protected and with active installation.

    If uninstallation process do not trigger "release" license. But maybe it was random.

    And some other possible steps to get "stuck".


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    There seems to be some recognition of the device, however, as when I release a license and start doing the update the software suggest a name for the device which has some sort of relation to the hardware at lest on mobile devices.


    Whne trying to do the update on one device this morgning it just would not release the license after clickking Confirm and eventually got this


    This particular device is on WiFI only, but that should not make a difference and does not affect other functionality.

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    Just wondering again...

    Who is the admin I should contact?

  • Ukko
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    Most likely in such situation it should be developers of My FS Protection Portal.


    I think you able to give feedback for them by any of steps: this your reply maybe can be visible for them; you able contact them by mail; maybe by "feedback"-address for Android application;


    But I think most common step will be:


    --> To login there ;

    --> And create ticket-report for FS Protection with "checked" area as "My FS Protection Portal";

    Where will be provided steps/timestamps or maybe something else.


    With my experience such step able to take some days/weeks (or more) for get response from.


    Sorry for my reply.

    * in some situations "administrator" under the My FS Protection Portal can be "owner of subscription";


    I think will be good if F-Secure Team (Android/My FS Protection Portal) will response just under this topic too!

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    please in addition to that do mention the unclear instructions on who to contact in the bug report.

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    So the answer seems to be that mz device is not tracked. In theory that is good, but in this case the consequences are not good as I have to release the license and specify my device again in the case of an update.

    After I have released the license I have the speficy the device again. This time the upgrade has no problemm pulling the brand and model of my device.

    Why did it not do that before the licences was released and compare it to the entries in the list and in case of a match ask my confirmation and only when there is no confirmed match ask for the release.


    Some people do expect systems where you login to remember your details.


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