How should I configure Freedome to get into hotel WiFi?

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Normally I have configured Freedome to start and protection on when Windows starts.

That works OK when I am at home and use LAN or WiFI.

In a hotel or at the office that does not work.

Freedome tries to connect to the last location used.

While it is doing that it I cannot access the login page of the hotel or office WiFi.

If I turn Freedome protection off then I can and after getting logged in I can turn Freedome protection back on.


Is that the way it is supposed to go?


Certainly different from about a year and a half ago when going to the hotel after a day in the office or vice versa always had to experiment which option Freedome on or off would allow WiFi access.


  • martink
    martink Posts: 435 Influencer

    The previous thread is

    Freedome problems conneting with WiFi and Mokkula

    The difference now is that not problem turning Freedome off while it is trying to connect.

    Is that due to the fact that I am not using Hybrid shut down, but standard shut down.

  • martink
    martink Posts: 435 Influencer

    Thanks, the second situation is exactly what I experience and the solution is the same which I use.

    As said it works every time without any further problems.

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