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Hi F-Secure.

if you noticed that, recently F-Secure was not that much active in Feature Request forum, meantime we all know F-Secure as a company who care and listen it's customers requests/concerns


so i will not complaint to you for this, take this topic az a friendly Wake-Up alarm fair enough?


i bring some examples here:
 as you can see, it's almost one of the biggest Request from your customers, yet! since 2013. BUT there is no attention from F-Secure there, or at least we cannot see that.

 the second most important Request of your Customers from you. which confirm that how is improtant to them the request number1 i write upper.
 another one.

so far i bring some examples to remind you F-Secure, this recently you was not listening.
also, if you just take a look at the most-kudoed request from this link ( ) you will easly find out that the Status will not even change! well for example about that Firewall request, it is for 2013!! since then it's still comment requested ! i mean how much you want? now it's 2017 ! since then people still come and kudo on that! but yet there is no update even! if you don't agree with this, at least say it! it's not ok to just leave it there for itself..  another example i like to bring, take a look at this one ( ) submitted 2014, it's one of the most-kudoed too! but since 2014 something super strange is that it's Status, still is New!!! means F-Secure never think about that in this 3years ago! there was no consideration, there was not even a single update!

at the End F-Secure, what i want to ask, i think we all want to ask, is that Please, have an eye on that forum because when your customer will go there and with love to your Products open a feature request to make your Product better, he/she loves to see you care ! you listen and the most-important one is that WHAT YOU THINK ? this really matters.

i hope this alarm be helpful for you F-Secure.
i wish you the Bests!


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    Hay friend thankyou so much 

  • Parham
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    Hi @Monaliz


    if you want to support this feedback, it would be great if give a kugo to it Smiley Wink

  • Parham
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    i like to get more your attention F-Secure, on this feature request ( ),


    your customerS ( you can see almost 20 kudo on this request, and coupl months befor that another similiar request about Firewall which have 30 kudo ), are asking you, they are worried about their protection their safety against some attacks which are popular in fact! and since 2013, their concern ignored ( or at least Customers don't know what is your opinion about their concern, they think they are in danger! and in the meantime they got no response since 4 years ago from F-Seure which is not good for sure )

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    Hi again.

    any attention? Smiley Indifferent

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    I must be dumb. What could possibly have precedence over program security?

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