F-Secure need it's own Firewall

F-Secure need it's own Firewall

F-Secure need it's own Firewall. For both Windows And Mac Antivirus platform. 


Which I find it lacking. Since the release of F-Secure 2013 Internet Security and F-Secure 2014 Internet Security.


That goes the same to F-Secure Mac Antivirus.


I don't like having to rely on Windows and Mac own Integrated Firewall.


By default it's inadequate to fully protect my computer.


I need something better to guard my computer from external threats.


It needs Denial of  Service Attacks, ARP spoofing, Man in the middle Attacks protections!


I need a 2 way Incoming and Outgoing Firewall Protection for my computer.


It does not have any form of protection what so ever in the Windows or Mac Integrated Firewall!!!



Take Note:


Without that confidence in protecting my computer , many users will switch and purchase other Antivirus Vendors instead of F-Secure.


f secure don't think home users needs a separate firewall. they assume we are behind NAT so we are protected from most attacks. for LAN attacks f secure would prefer using https. i don't know how i will move all the internet data through https. F secure already has firewall for business users. May be they think its not ready for home users.

More problem with windows firewall is that one cannot use manual update while roaming,even if f-secures option "update if not home-network" is set to "always". And automatic update is "pausing". What to do?

Use Freedome... And you will have something like a Firewall Smiley Wink

f-secure need it's own control interface


like bitdefender or norton 's firewall

it's easy to create rule  








What is F-Secure's answer to this idea?


nothing yet?


i am confused if  f secure had own firewall in past then why did they removed it while other security suites were adding it. Firewall is most necessary for both home and business users, home users need it also as they don't have AI powered security solution like business users.