Freedome Not connecting at all via WIFI

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Fresh install of Freedome on iOS 9.1, When I Try to turn Freedome ON, it simply spins saying "Checking ...." then fails "detecting a connectivity issue with VPN" Error. Says to Reboot the iPad and all should be Ok permanently, but it isn't.


I have deleted all VPN profiles, Reset Network and Removed / Re-installed Freedome All to no avail.


When I reboot, Settings/VPN say connected, but nothing works Safari etc.  Opening Freedome starts the "Checking" scenario above, and then fails.




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    Hi Bullseye,


    Based on these articles here and here, are you using a Sagemcom or a DNA modem with Freedome on?


    Could you also check this KB article to set up the port configuration for Freedome on iOS?



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    Thanks for your info, but I am not using one of those modems / routers.


    I am using a TalkTalk HG633 super router - The admin pages are very "basic" and have no obvious configuration for IPSEC VPN pass-through.


    I also have an old HG533 router which I could use which has a much more complex admin interface but I still cannot find these options.


    Q. Am I able to prove that this is the issue by temporarilt forcing my PC version of Freedome to use IPSEC to see if it then fails?


    Q. Can I change Freedome on iOS to use a different protocol?


    Any more help would be appreciated.

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    Hi Laksh


    Thanks for this info. It is correct that the HG633 router disc not support IPSEC VPN Passthrough. The post you included in the message was quite old, but the situation has not changed - There is still no fix.


    Fortunately I had an older TT router HG533, which does support this, so I have been able to configure through this.

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    That's good news, Bullseye! Appreciate your update on this issue.

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    **** UPDATE ****

    Despite talktalk telling me than v1.15 was the latest firmware for my HG633 router, and that it woild not support IPsec passthrough, by shear. coincidence overnight my router upgraded itself to v1.21.


    this firmware now allows the IPsec passthrough and my iOS devices VPN works fine.


    Previous TT customers had confirmed that v1.17 had fixed this issue, but TT denied its very existence.


    Anyone else with this issue should fight hard for the upgrade which clearly noe DOES exist



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