Campaign name needed; how to discover? No record of new 3-year license.


  I paid for a 3-year Safe license, for 3 devices. I am trying to install on an android Galaxy S7, but I could not log in to my account (from Android) without a "Campaign number." 

  I used the Google Play Store to download Safe, but when I attempted to run it, the installed app said that my Safe account is expired, alternatively I am asked for the "Campaign number" in addition to the 20-digit subscription key. 

  A knowledge base search for "campaign" has no results. Cleverbridge is listed as the merchant. How do I discover the "Campaign number?" 

  Thank you.  March 21, 2017 


  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.


    Just as my suggestions for quick-try (I'm also just F-Secure user) campaign name can be (if we talk about SAFE solution):


    -> box


    If not work.. maybe you able to try  "safe" (or re-check your mails or other things, which you get during purchase-steps). Or just required response from F-Secure.





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