Campaign name needed; how to discover? No record of new 3-year license.

  I paid for a 3-year Safe license, for 3 devices. I am trying to install on an android Galaxy S7, but I could not log in to my account (from Android) without a "Campaign number." 

  I used the Google Play Store to download Safe, but when I attempted to run it, the installed app said that my Safe account is expired, alternatively I am asked for the "Campaign number" in addition to the 20-digit subscription key. 

  A knowledge base search for "campaign" has no results. Cleverbridge is listed as the merchant. How do I discover the "Campaign number?" 

  Thank you.  March 21, 2017 

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    Hi @Dean_E,


    I tried to do a quick check on your purchase details and it is seen that you have purchased FSIS and not SAFE. If you have purchased FSIS, you can only install it in Windows devices. Please find the system requirements for FSIS here.


    I have asked the support to resend your latest FSIS purchase details which contains the license information.


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    Sorry for my reply.


    Just as my suggestions for quick-try (I'm also just F-Secure user) campaign name can be (if we talk about SAFE solution):


    -> box


    If not work.. maybe you able to try  "safe" (or re-check your mails or other things, which you get during purchase-steps). Or just required response from F-Secure.





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