my first meet with F-Secure and it's Speakers/ also a request!

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F-Secure, till this morning or in fact untill 4hours ago i was a Dr.Web Home Customer, BUT 3hours ago one of my friends forward me an article ( ). well, **bleep**!! F-Secure seems really interesting! i mean just take a look at how clear Jarno Niemelä was to that question in this article:
Asked if F-Secure was able to handle the CIA as an attacker, Niemelä was unequivocal: “Yes, we are.”


i love how you care about your customers guys... after a quick search in your Website, i met a guy named  Mikko Hypponen i heard his names some times but i never seen his videos his interviews his conferences... **bleep** how much this guy speak great! how he talks about this industry, how he knows this industry i feel i'm there i'm with him i'm with that great Genius right there...

at the end , only after 4 hours read,search in F-Secure website and some of their speakers interviews i said with myself, **bleep** my Dr.Web license remains 500days yet! but what can i do! i just fell in love with F-Secure, what a kind company, i'm really admire you guys, specialy Mikko Hypponen, I hope one day I able to meet him face to face, show him how much i respect him and his knowledges. i'm from Iran but i will come there for him for sure. Mikko, one day i'll reach you Smiley Very Happy  waite for me you great man <3

and now i like to ask a request from F-Secure,
F-Secure, Please bring back Ticket System as a support option to your website, i talked with one of your kind Agents through LiveChat, he told me if the case was how we need to talk about that more we will provide you a case number and an email conversation that we can talk about the concern more. but what was wrong with Ticket System?  if i underestand correct you had that as an option in your Support portal, maybe one of your customers had not enough time to start a chat support so they can easly open a Support Ticket, and wait for your response .. could you please explain why you think it's better to have not this option in your support portals?


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    the bleeps are Da-mn by the way Smiley Very Happy

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    As far as I am aware, the Support Ticket facility is still available.  Maybe there is a local issue in your country?  Where are you from?

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    Thanks Simon for your reply,

    it's super weird , i even was chatting with chat support yesterday, he said we have 2 option , Phone and Chat.

    i'm from Iran, and the only Support options available in Website ( even if i connect to a vpn with US or UK Ip ) are Phone and LiveChat.

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    Hi @Parham,


    You're right. We have support using chat/phone for our consumer customers and no email support. We have discontinued the email/web form service for consumers. But don’t worry, if needed, we will continue a case by email, if we can’t solve it right away.

    We are committed to provide the best possible service to our customers. To provide faster and better service to our consumers, we are focusing on our phone and chat services.


    Hi @Simon, the support request link gets directed to our Support webpage from where you can chat/call with our support agents.

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    Hi @Laksh


    I'm not sure that is a positive move, but thanks for letting me know.  The chat service is often complained about on here, with chat requests timing out before the customer gets a response.  


    The support ticket option was useful for people who wanted to send in a general support request without having to actually sit at their computer to await a response.  I think that option will be missed.  

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