Can't print with Freedome on

When Freedome is on, i cannot reach the company's internal services like the intranet, the file server, meeting room services, munki, puppet or the printer. From this article i assume the reason is that these services are on different subnets than my laptop. If that's the case, how can i configure which subnets are to be considered local (LAN) and not to be routed over Freedome?


  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi llauren,


    You indeed need to be on the same subnet so that Freedome recognizes the devices as being in the same local network.


    Also I found another article here which provides information about accessing company's internal services with Freedome on (when connected to the work VPN).

  • So how can i fix this?

  • TapsuccaTapsucca Posts: 501 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi @llauren,


    As mentioned in the article that @Laksh posted it would be recommended to turn Freedome off while you are using your company´s network.

  • I'm afraid that won't be enough. Browsers do their background things even if nobody surfs on them. So does the OS. And all kinds of notifiers and plugins and whatnots. On the other hand, LAN services need to be up and running for security, monitoring and management even when surfing.


    Turning off Freedome isn't really a solution, just a kluge.

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