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Dear sir/madam,


Today is my last day for my FSP license. I have noticed that it should be renewed/extended automatically. Could you pls advise if it will be just renewed/extended tomorrow? Appreciated.

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    Today when I turn on my Win10 PC, I got one information from Microsoft about eigher renewal FSP or uninstall. After choosing renewal, I got the information about expiry. Pls let me know what should I do now, thanks:

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  • NoahCheng
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    Hello, Ben,


    My license is renewaled. Thanks for your help, appreciated. Here I have a suggestion for the forum: You can make one specifit subject like "license renewal request for FSP" by your manager, mention to let all users to post this renewal request by simply replying under it. I think it will be clear and easy to manage since right now users request one by one by issuing individual subject that let subject list more disorder.



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    Thank you for your feedback. We have this older thread regarding that topic.
    I'll close this thread as the problem was now resolved for you.

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