My Site get Blocking




I would like to ask why the site is considered a virus?


Please much more detail later in the analysis, because it could bring down a business. F-Secure should also think about the truth of the contents site.


I need a little explanation from the team (If a team exist here):

- What file is considered a virus on my site?

- Dns problem, hijack? ==> We are company and consult from our datacenter the dns is fine, also we contact trusted antivirus mcafee for analysis no spyware, no malware.


 Reported by our client from


We would be happy if team want to investigate in the further, Our email:, or


Sorry I confused to contact f-secure, so I write here.


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  • Jawanet
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    Okay, we try to submit url

  • Jawanet
    Jawanet Posts: 3 New Member

    Big antivirus company not detect any malware on my site, but some user using f-secure.


    I tried to contact the team and submit url, but there was no response. The longer course of our business is getting dropped.


    I doubt the f-secure after Norton Safe Web provides web reputation about our site business very clean.


    I am very sorry with f-secure less accurately distinguish malware or not.





  • Simon
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    The process is not instant when you submit a URL to the labs for analysis.  I guess it depends how long the queue is as to how long it will take for you to get a response, but 24-48 hours would not be unreasonable, in my opinion.  

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