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I just purchased a new one-year F-Safe anti-virus program and would like to know: 1. Why it does not function in Safe Mode with Networking, 2. Why F-Safe does not seem to provide any email address for customer support, 3. Also, F-Safe uninstalled my existing Pand Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials program but left my free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Wise Registry Cleaner and CCleaner intact. Is this unusual or SOP? Thanks!

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    1.  Can't comment on that as I don't know.


    2.  You can raise a support request via a Support Ticket.  That is the usual method of contacting Support.


    3.  F-Secure will attempt to remove any conflicting software when it installs.  This would usually include any other real time anti-virus products.  Malwarebytes is an exception as it is known to be compatible with FS.  The other products you mentioned would not conflict with anti-virus software.   


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    Sorry for my reply.


    I think that potential reason about Safe Mode is... that if F-Secure will be randomly a trigger for trouble with system... so you able to load Safe Mode and get proper ability to do something.

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