Untrue warning "Users not protected / Subscription ended"

I have ordered, paid an installed F-Secure Internet Security 2012. The program itself tells me that the program is installed an on, and that its expiring date is 19.2.2013, i repeat 2013. Now the main intro page of same program has begun to show an alert "Users are not protected / Subscription has expired" (translations from Finnish language alerts).  Also my Windows XP gives a security alert telling there is jo virus protection. Sorry F-Secure, my subscription has by no means expired, so here must be either a virus or a bug. Is the protection really down, or is it only the alerts that are untrue? Has anyone had the same problem?


  • I had the same problem before. Have you tried restarting? It fixes this problem once you restarted.image

  • I am having the same problems I have F-secure on  3 PC's sick to death of having been told that my subscription has expired, only been running it since Saturday. Thank goodness mine is currently free with Virgin Media. Worst Internet security package I have ever used, won't be paying for it, when it really does expire, looking for alternatives. Marks out of 10 for F-secure ... a big ZERO

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    Hi Bullyrush,

    You have joined a very old thread, so your issue is probably unrelated to those above. If you have a licensing issue, I suggest you contact F-Secure Support:

  • Oops ...sorry didn't notice the age of the other comments. Thanks for taking the time to reply

  • Simon
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    No worries, hope you get it sorted. :)
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