Browsing protection don't working.

Hi, i recently installed F-Secure Safe on my principal PC on Windows but when i install it on my secondary laptop the browsing protection simply doesn't works, i also tried the reinstall extensions option and rebooted but nothing happens.

The security check doesn't appear on Google searches and it can't block AMTSO Phising Page.


//System Details

OS: Win10 Home Single Language v1607 x64

Browsers: MS Edge, Chrome x64

Version: F-Secure SAFE 16.3


  • Simon
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    Have you tested it with a different browser, such as Firefox?
  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply and ask.


    Basically with Microsoft Edge should not work rating-pictures under HTTPS Google/Bing/Yahoo results... on current time (because there is missing addon/extension by F-Secure or "something another" for proper support HTTPS under this browser yet).

    But Browsing Protection (like blocking malicious/suspicious and content blocker; banking protection) should work. Do you mean that with Microsoft Edge... AMSTO Phishing page do not blocked too?


    If we talk about Google Chrome - does it possible that browser build can be outdated? Officially F-Secure supported two latest main builds of Chrome/Firefox. If in somewhat reason.. browser marked as "unsupported".. this is possible if some of features will not work.

    And also there was known trouble about Chrome:

    Where have words about to re-trigger "extension" update there.

    But mainly... there can be different troubles (because blocking pages not often related with extension-trouble).


    Sorry for my reply.


  • Victor_Bayas
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    Hi there, I tried reinstalling F-Secure Safe on my laptop but the browsing protection doesn't work whathever you use the lastest version of chrome or firefox.

    Also I attach the fsdiag log (if it is useful)!lh1FCDib!H_Bh0Q2HBGAhL9lgwL9EdZGnQDPUg3LUJrrkHC7EZMs

  • Ukko
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    You should not upload fsdiag under community.

    Required and most valid step... is to use F-Secure Support (directly):

    Like support-request with uploading fsdiag.


    Maybe.. just because if there all options (like blocking malicious pages) turned ON.... and there missing something additional (which can to create "breaking result)... just F-Secure Support able to get proper information about "which reason and how to fix".


    Sorry for my reply.


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