Finding the license key of a newly bought SAFE product


I bought the SAFE product. To install it, I use a custom installation system provided by a third party. This system uses a two steps approach: first download the binary (without going through "My F-Secure", but directly on and then uses a licence key which format is: 'XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX'. My issue is: I have been given another way to download the software by using an account on My F-Secure, and never get any licence key. What should I do to get the licence key ?


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  • Simon
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    I think if you purchased the license through My Safe, that's probably the only way you can install the product.  You can use a license key purchased elsewhere in My Safe, but I'm not sure that it works the other way around.  My suggestion would be to contact F-Secure Support, and hopefully they will be able to help.


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    Sorry for my reply.

    But when you under My SAFE portal... and choose "install for this device" (potentially).. do you able to get installer with specific-name? And run installation.

    Or when you just get installer from My SAFE Portal.. and run installation (with potential "login"-step to your account.... during installation flow)... do you able to "name" a device?


    And if some of this suggestions.. able to be valid... what certainly reason for get "licence key" (like if this is required for something else, except proper installation)?

    How I can to understand.. with small re-design... there can be changes about... with something as "autohandle" this at each installation (which covered by your subscription).


    And sorry if I wrong understand your words.



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