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It feels a bit counterintuitive that the F-Secure contact form requires everything from name to phone number when asking about their anonymizing service, so I'll rather ask this here.


I have an installation (W7) of Freedome where my (actual, not Freedome) network adapter still has my ISP DNS server set after activating/connecting with Freedome. Consequently sites such as doileak.com list both Freedome as well as my real IP under "DNS Request Source".


On a working Freedome installation I can see that my ISP DNS server is being removed from the adapter for the duration of using Freedome.


Has anyone else encountered this problem? What could be causing it?


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    Hi freedom3,


    Welcome to our Community.


    Regarding your query, could you please try to quit Freedome and restart it again? Does the issue persist? If it does, as I can see, it might need an investigation from the support team with the logs. In that case, I would recommend to contact our support via the support request form or via chat.


    Please do mention if you have any special network configuration when you contact support. You may attach the Freedome logs as well.


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