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First I want to express my disappointment with F-Secure support. I've now got 2 support requests open (the first I've ever opened with F-Secure) concerning seperate issues with my subscription. I won't go into the details of my first that's now 4 weeks old and untouched, but my second is what I'm posting here in hopes someone has an answer.

I've had 2 subscriptions for antivirus for a couple years, am very happy with the product. Recently it came time to renew and I took advantage of the offer to upgrade to SAFE. That went well for my first subscription but now every time I try to upgrade from the other machines with the second key I'm denied doing it thru the upgrade page as soon as it reads my email address saying I should log in and do it that way.

But when I do that, there's no record of that second key to upgrade, only the  option to buy more licenses on the first key (without the upgrade discount). Meanwhile I have machines pestering users to upgrade every 6 hours or so.

And while I've had a support request in for 2 weeks I've only gotten one email asking if everything's ok now. But no one's helped yet! And at this point I'm not sure I want to continue with F-Secure.


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    While I'm thankful for your suggestion and it is what I needed to do, it's still disappointing that the support ticket I opened for this 15 days ago has only gotten two responses; one to tell me I couldn't upgrade my F-Secure Internet to SAFE (I wasn't trying to do that, as I pointed out the license was for Antivirus upgrading to SAFE) and another to ask 'How's it going?'


    I'm in IT and know how things slip through cracks sometimes, and I might have let this go but this was the second support request I put in. That first one was finally aswered 28 days later. That was about the annoying renewal notices that started appearing aon all my pc's 45 days before the expiration. I was told this was as designed. 28 days to be told that? That's nuts.


    Finally I have zero confidence any of this fedback will be read by anyone who cares. I'd like to be contacted about this and hear that the company will take steps to address it. But I won't wait up at night.


    I will continue to use the product for now, I like the product otherwise. But F-Secure is defnitiely on my list of possible drops if this doesn't improve. There are several other good AV products out there, some of them free. I chose to support the products I like with dollars. But I've been through a half-dozen different ones over the years (ever hear of Dr. Solomon?) and have no particular allegiance.



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    Hi ChuckM6421,


    I appreciate your feedback about the support request and for bringing it to our notice. I have escalated and brought this to the attention of our support team for further investigation.


    I am sorry to hear about your current experience with the support, but please be informed that our support team is looking at your feedback/case opened.

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