Freedome installation is not compatible with Windows 1607 (Annuversary Update)

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Hi, I tried to install Freedome on a clean installation of Windows 10 (1607) but it turns out that Windows cannot validate the VPN driver signature. Here is a screenshot of the device properties. 




I had Freedome previously installed on another machine which I then upgraded to Windows 10 1607 and it works fine after the upgrade. I guess something in the installation process is not quite right because it fails to install the driver properly on a clean Windows 10 1607.


When can we expect a version of the installer that is compatible with the latest Windows 10?









  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi dt,


    Kindly open a support request with the Freedome logs for further investigation.

  • flode
    flode Posts: 2 Observer
    Haha thats awesome, their have been 6 Month of insider preview with redstone and neither fsecure safe nore freedome is fully compatbile with windows 10 1607.
    As a software developer of a essential commercial security product i would be ashame of myself.

    My personal expierence is, all devices i had latest safe version up and running failed during 1607 update and rolled back to 1511. After uninstalling safe and retriggering the update it is working.
  • jkv
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    Completely agree with flode Scholar. The fact that Freedome cannot be enabled at all on Windows 10 1607 brings into question what type of testing f-secure does of its security products. Would someone from f-secure care to explain how a good quality testing programme could miss this? Very worrying given this is commercial secuirty software.

  • dt
    dt Posts: 3 New Member

    I opened a support request, I got a case number, however, I see no option to track the progress of this support request. Is this actually being worked on? When can we expect an updated installation? I am a paying customer and I cannot use your product at the moment because of this issue.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi dt,


    Please private message your case number so that I can check it internally and highlight about your post.

  • jkv
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    I also have an open support case regarding this issue.  In response to a request for me to undergo another round of troubleshooting, I requested the support technician to do a clean install of Windows 10 1607 (from the Windows 10 1607 iso) and try and install freedome (so they can repoduce this error for themselves).  As yet, no response from f-secure's support team to that request.


    The f-secure support team seemed to be in the dark about this behaviour being by design in clean installs of Windows 10 1607 in respect of drivers which have not been signed by Microsoft (see for info: As Microsoft have built-in an exception to this policy for existing drivers installed on windows 10 systems which are upgraded to Windows 10 1607 (as opposed to new cleanly installed 1607 systems), I expect there will initially be relatively few users affected. However, if not fixed this problem will soon start to bite all freedome users who attempt to install freedome on a new windows PC which is supplied with Windows 10 1607 or above (or users like me who happened to do a clean installation of Windows 10 1607 prior to installing freedome).


    As a paying customer it would be nice to know when I will be able to use freedome again without having to (a) disbale secure boot (which I can't do given by bitlocker configuration - and would not want to do even if I could) or (b) wipe my system and install the older windows 10 1511.

  • Tapsa
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    Hi Jkv,


    Please check your private messages. We would like to have more information from you regarding this issue.



    Tapio Keihanen


  • Straycat
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    even chat support did not know this topic, awesome support for paid customers, applause.


    btw, no idea how many paid customers f secure has, while last note i found for a signed driver is 250 dollars around, so additional to security reasons at security products f secure is not going to spent some dollars of their earnings to get a driver for their products signed/trusted?


    bye bye f no secure, sry guys, i am done

  • Roscoe
    Roscoe Posts: 11 New Member

    Working fine for me

  • Straycat
    Straycat Posts: 8 New Member

    yep, but not with the anniversary build of windows 10


    way one: downgrade to latest build before, insstall freedome, update inside windows to anniversary as soon as offered, as update provided in waves


    as i heard, before anniversary update installed and working freedome (driver tap v9) should keep working that way


    clean install changes security handling of microsoft on windows 10, won t work anymore unless f secure gets their drivers verified/sigend or:


    way two:  disable secure boot in your uefi on anniversary update, might must be kept constant this setting, so less security




  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello Everyone,


    We have just published a new version of Freedome 1.6.3289 which solves the installation issue on Windows 10 Anniversary version. You may download the new version from our Freedome official location:


    A channel upgrade for the new version of Freedome will also happen shortly.


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