Submitted Q within automatic reply & Replying on emails instead of sending new emails.

Hello F-Secure,


My name is Jan ten Hove and i work with KPN, with the support for KPN Veilig.


I want to start by saying that your product is awesome and that it works really well, and the support that you deliver is also really really good. If i had to give you a score it would be 10 out of 10! It's a job really well done!


But i have a few suggestions though with which i think you can improve your service even more.


  1. When we create a question within the "Operator Portal / Send Question" we get an automatic email saying that it is an acknowledgement that our ticket is submitted. Within that email we would also like to receive the question that was submitted by us. We have many cases and many supportdesk employees handeling these cases, therefore sometimes the asked question gets lost.


So the suggestion would be to add the question within the automatic mail.


  1. When we reply on an email from your end, i.e. please remove KPN veilig and reinstall. We usually reply on that mail i.e. we removed KPN veilig and reinstalled it, and now it works again, with this email we would like to let you know to close this ticket. And then if F-Secure sends a reply then it's always a new email instead of a reply on our previous reply. We then have to search through our email box with many cases and search what we send to you within previous emails.


Therefore the suggestion for this would be: please reply on emails instead of sending new mails, so that everything is organized within one mail and not with a few mails about just one case.


That is all for now, keep up the good work on this great product!



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    Hi jantrance,


    Welcome to our community!


    It's great to know about how you feel about our products! Smiley Happy I also appreciate your feedback regarding the support emails and your suggestions. I have passed on the suggestions internally.


    Thanks again!

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    I have moved your post to the most relevant board, @jantrance! Thanks.

  • @Lakshhas there already been an update regarding my suggestions?
  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi jantrance,


    Yes, I had highlighted about your feedback internally. Our team did a few tests and we found that the subject will remain as what was created by you during the initial case creation. So, as long as the subject was mentioned clearly in the initial case creation, it will remain the same when replied back by our agents.


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