Restart computer no internet connection wired or wireless.

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Hi , I have Windows 10 64 bit and the problem is I install freedome enter my code all is well. The problem starts when I turn off Pc.  When I turn on pc I cannot use the internet wired or wireless. I then have to uninstall Freedome. ( I do use the uninstall tool.)


  • Laksh
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    Hi GPR1,


    Does Freedome connect automatically once your computer restarts? Is the setting 'Freedome starts automatically once you restart your computer' turned on?


    Are you able to connect to the internet if Freedome has been turned off?

  • GPR1
    GPR1 Posts: 3 New Member

    Settings set to Auto and no cannot connect to internet if Freedome is switched off. I have to delete program to get on internet.

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi GPR1,


    Then, I would recommend to open a support request in order to get this looked further. They may need logs from Freedome to check this.

  • Ripperino
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    I have the same problem.. Running Windows 7 and when I turn off my computer and restart it I can't access internet, tried manually restarting the ethernet card on my computer but nothing worked.. But when I started F-Secure Freedom and set it to hook me up it worked again..


    I don't have Freedom auto start activated and no auto login, this issue haven't always occured though, only when I turn off computer and have left Freedom on while doing so!


    I guess one thing is that the settings aren't restored to the standard if Freedom is left on when you're tunrning off the computer, this is however just a theory but it would make sense in my case..


    Not exactly sure how Freedom works but in order to hide your IP and tunnel you through a VPN it's got to change your trafic somewhere, if this isn't turned back to normal when restarting computer and it tries to connect to this "pay service"(running trial atm) I assume you would get blocked cause I bet they wouldn't want ppl to use the VPN for free(since I don't autostart/login)..


    Theoreticly this could be the problem(in my case at least) since I don't have auto startup or login for Freedom. Not sure what the issue could be regarding the thread starter but notice we run different OS!


    They might need to make some background script that restore default values if computer is rebooted even if Freedom isn't turned ON!


    I just have a 3 year degree in Information Technology so what do I know, but at least I've given you guys a theory! I like the VPN, hope u get the bugs fixed! I'm considering buying it but I'm not sure I wanna spend the money :/

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