Mac OS X Crashes (kernel panics) when using Freedome

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I've been using Freedome for Mac OS X since about the beginning of the year (2016). During this time I've started to experience occassional, but frequent system crashes, where the laptop restarts due to a problem (kernel panic). Mostly these happened when waking up from sleep, but it was not just that, it could also be e.g. in the middle of writing a comment on a web page. The current process at the time of the kernel panic varies, sometimes it was Freedome but often something else.


At first I did not attribute these to Freedome rather than faulty hardware. However, now that I have turned off Freedome entirely, I have gone without a crash for well over a week or two. Previously they happened daily, sometimes multiple times per day. To me it seems that Freedome is the cause of the crashes on my laptop.


I'm using a MacBook Pro (early 2013 model), with El Capitan (version 10.11.5 - but the crashes happened with the previous OS version too). My Freedome version is currently 1.5.3284.0.


Thoughts? Ideas how to debug this, or (ideally) stop the crashes from happening?


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