F-Secure Internet Security not supporting windows xp service pack 3

Hi All,


I'm trying to install internet security on a windows xp machine(servicepack 3) but i'm getting a error msg saying that OS is not supported.any reason?




  • Ukko
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    Latest stable (?) release of F-Secure IS drop support for current Windows.

    Official KB-note probably there:



    Such as F-Secure IS 2016 (?) should to support Windows Vista (sp2) and higher.


    Based also on some fresh features of F-Secure IS/AV, which previous Windows can not to support.

    But Windows Vista have some different points with "higher Windows" too (but fresh builds anyway work with Vista).


    Previous F-Secure IS builds should to support system before Vista. And most likely installer comes with fresh build (and as result - not possible to install it as fresh/clean installation).


    Sorry for my reply.



  • Simon
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    I believe XP is also no longer receiving Windows Updates, so it is time to upgrade. :)
  • asanka
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    Dear All,


    Thanks for your prompt reply.but we are a F-Secure distributor and kaspersky and eset are still supporting windows xp.we had a offline installer issue earlier now this issue.i think it's time to switch to a another productSmiley Indifferent



  • Ukko
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    I think that.... previous F-Secure IS (like F-Secure 2015) will be still work. And previous releases too.

    Such as.. just fresh build as F-Secure SAFE / IS 2016 - where comes fresh changes, improvements, design and other points.

    If this is possible to get previous installer for previous releases - I think it will be still work.

    Same with "installation", which already there. Just will be no possible to do update/upgrade or reinstall it (because will be triggered fresh one network-installer).


    But probably there should be normal official response by F-Secure about your situation.



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