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I have 5 installations in my computers and mobile devices. After the renewed key policy I read from your support forum that even thogh I cannot, anymore, enter keys when they expire it is now possible to put the first key in the device that has most days left and that day count will be used for all the devices (see: and


So I bought another 5 keys and tried to activate the first one. However, the field to type a new key has been removed at least from mac version if the key is still active. So how do I type in the key?


The device subscription expires on February, so 8 months of already paid subscription is lost if I must activate it in a new device. Another device will loose about 3 months of paid service.


The real problem is that I really have to activate it today to be protected during my vacation trip where I will be a lot in WiFi hotspots and similar. The device which has 8 months left will be at home. How can I get the missing days afterwards?


Thanks for you reply in advance!




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    Hi Kuha,


    May I know how many of your device licenses are expiring currently and when? How many devices have license expiring later and when?


    As mentioned in one of the above article, when you perform a license transfer , the license end date is synchronized to the longest available license duration on all installations.

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    Thanks for your answer.


    The longest date is until 02/17 but now I am already abroad and unable to check it accurately. The laptop I am using expires 11st Sep 2016. My phone and my ipad have expired already as well as my wife's phone. The license is for 5 devices.


    I cannot do a license transfer for the computer that is in home. How should I proceed to get the full dates now that I am already away? 




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