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I have 2 subscriptions for 1 year for Freedome that I purchased from the F-Secure Website in June and July 2015 (for 3 devices each). The first expires in 1 week. As such I renewed my subscription today by purchasing a 5 device licence, again through the F-Secure website. But I cannot extend my license on my 2 IOS devices as the message "Could not verify your account. Please try again later" appears. I think this is because somehow the date of my renewal is set to Nov 2016 even though I only bought two 1 year subscriptions in June and July 2015. I have read on the Community that on IOS devices the option for renewing multi-licence subscriptions will not appear until there is 45 days left on the licence and so I will not be able to renew. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling on my  IOS devices but this made no difference. I also checked in my iTunes account and I can confirm that I have never purchased Freedome directly through iTunes. So it seems that somehow my subscriptions have been extended accidentally. The subscriptions on my other devices (PC and Kindle Fire) were also showing a renewal of Nov 2016 but after uninstalling and reinstalling they have renewed successfully with my new code and are showing the correct number of days of the subscription remaining.


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