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I am using a Windows 7 laptop (wired to the wall jack) as a wifi hotspot to allow my smart TV to connect to the internet.  When I start Freedome, the TV loses its internet connection; the laptop doesn't.


There are a couple of old questions that suggest that in 2014 Freedome did not allow shared connections.  Is that still the case?


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello DWIII, 


    Tethering is still not supported with Freedome. There is no current plan to support it in the future.

  • Isse
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    According to this post you are looking at it..?

    Why will you not support it? If you use your laptop this is a needed feature to be able to surf with your 3G/4G data subscription. More and more of the laptop builders do not build in simcard functionality in their laptops anymore...
  • JMAM
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    There's definitely a need for tethering. I work in field and use my mobile phone to provide wireless for customer PC's. I don't need application to provide me VPN, I just need internet for laptops, while my mobile phone browsing is secured at the same time. Why you cannot configure a "detour" for mobile access point connections.

    if I stop freedome, the whole idea to be untrackable will collapse

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