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Installed Freedome on wife's Macbook Air. A few days later it just reports: Fatal Error, Data required by Freedome is missing or corrupt, please re-install software. 

Reinstalling doesn't help and Freedome just crashed with a "Please send and full description of your problem to Freedome support e-mail". 

Ok, fine. But... A google search of "Freedome support e-mail" comes up with blank. Trying to find any e-mail for support turns out with blanks. 

Trying to reach Freedome support via F-Secure pages asks me to fill in a bunch of non-essential questions and captcha after which it returns back with a "Chat temporarily Unavailable". 

It feels amazing that a tech company that _tells me to e-mail an attachment to support_ then makes it this difficult to actually e-mail a **bleep**ing attachment. Hello? This is embarrassingly bad. 


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    PJ72 Posts: 2 New Member

    Fatal Error Dialog (and yes, one would imagine that pressing "Send error report" would actually... you know... send error report). 

    But no... Instead if provides the user with this helpful dialog. 

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