Installing f-secure

I bought F-secure yesterday after a free try..But when I try to install it,I get a message that there is 0 days back..What can I do ??



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    Is this F-Secure SAFE?  If so, what does it say in your SAFE Portal regarding your license?


    If not, please give us some more details as to which product you are trying to install.



  • I am trying to install f-secure Safe.. And when I try logging in,it says that I have 0 days back..

  • I had a free try on this product before I bought it.. It is not working on my Mac..

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    Assuming you've input the subscription key correctly, for the matching product, then I can only suggest you create a Support Ticket for a licensing issue.  You may wish to look through the FAQs first, to see if there's anything there which may help:

  • I never came that far..When I am logging in trying to install,all I see is that there is 0 days.Nothing else..

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    You need to put your licence key in before you'll get any subscription days.

  • Yes I know,but there is never asked for it..Every time I`m logging in,all I can see is that my days are used..Nothing else..I have the lisence key,but I can not use it because I never come that far..

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    So that we may understand more clearly, can you please post a screenshot of your login screen, making sure you hide any personal details.

    Also, did you purchase your subscription direct from F-Secure (Cleverbridge), or is this a boxed retail version?
  • I have to wait until I get some help here.. I have recived a mail that confirm my pay..

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    Let me try to help you.  I am assuming English is not your first language, so the screenshot below may differ slightly to your own, depending on which locality you are in, and which language you are using, however, it should be similar enough for you to see what I'm explaining:




    Once you havce logged into your SAFE Portal you should be able to select Orders and Payments from the top menu, which should give you the screen you see here.  As you can see, there should be an option to renew an existing subscription, or to Enter a code for a new purchase / subscription. 


    If you are not seeing these options, then you are either looking at the wrong screen, or something else is not correct, in which case, I can only suggest that you Contact Support as we could be forever guessing and going round in circles here.

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